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Your Questions About Viking Appliance Repair

James asks…

How can I fix my Viking oven?

I have an electric oven from Viking. It worked well for a year or so, but now it will overheat whenever the oven is used. For example, when set to 350 degrees, it will continue to heat up to near (or maybe over) 600 degrees – until the fan comes on and I have to shut it off. If I adjust the Oven Temperature knob down (from 350) the oven does not click off until I am below 200 degrees and into the OFF part of the knob. I am guessing it is a thermostat issue and wonder if there is a way to clean or adjust the thermostat. Any suggestions before I call for service would be appreciated.

James Conley answers:

Yes, contact the dealer — for what you pay for those Viking appliances they should send out a service crew in a Mercedes immediately to replace the t-stat for free! There may even be a factory warranty issue with that. I’ve owned inexpensive ranges my whole life and never had a thermostat fail so Viking should put its money where its mouth is and make this right for you. Of course, if it is past the one year warranty you will probably be out of luck. It would likely be cheaper to order the thermostat from the dealer and then pay a regular appliance repair service to install it.

Unless you are independently wealthy, you might want to consider getting it fixed and then getting rid of it — unload it on Craigslist to someone dying to get a status brand appliance for their kitchen. From what I understand, Viking ranges are notorious for poor quality control and frequent expensive breakdowns. Check out the blogs about them by owners. Here’s just one of many:

Like a lot of supposed “high end” items you are paying $500 for the actual stove and $3,500 for the logo…….

Donna asks…

Any Appliance Discounts, Scratch & Dent, Wholesale, Granite, in Washington DC?

Hi. I live in Washington DC and am thinking about remodeling my small condo kitchen. I have had several contractors come out and look at the space and have received estimates ranging from $20k all the way up to $42k for the same work & materials. However, all of them have told me that if I buy the items myself from a wholesaler, I will save considerable cash. I have been looking but I have not been able to find any decent wholesalers for appliances in the area. I have tried Lowe’s but after a poor install job they did (hired them to hang & install 3 doors, they charged me $1200, only hung 2, and marked the job as complete) I refuse to give them any more business. Does anyone know any business or have recommendations for discount appliance/home improvement stores in the DC area?

James Conley answers:

Check out some of these

Robert asks…

door on my integrated dishwasher is falling down……how can I fix it?

its like the spring is gone

James Conley answers:

If you need dishwasher repair New York services, we can help! American Repair Service has been in the appliance business since 1946. We have built an outstanding reputation for service and repair. We currently are authorized to service brands including Asko, Betazzoni, Broan, DCS, Fisher Paykel, La Cornue, Marvel, U-Line, Viking and more! To set up an appointment to fix your dishwasher, visit Hope this helps!

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