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Your Questions About Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

Linda asks…

Sub-Zero refrigerator – “service” sign on the blue screen? ?

We got 7 years old SubZero fridge.Temperature in refrigerator side about 52F.Freezer working just fine. Any idea? It is asking for repair? Thanks!

James Conley answers:

Could be a controller issue,sensor issue,defrost issue,dirty condenser, frozen coil,or ice built up from a backed up drain and the water freezing.
Check as many as you’re able. Good luck.

Steven asks…

sub-zero ice maker is spraying water?

We came home to find a lake in front of our SubZero refrigerator, Model 532. When we opened the freezer, water was shooting out from the ice maker. We tried to defrost the freezer, but it has “thawed”, and the water is still spraying. Any advice would be appreciated, because it’s a holiday weekend, and I doubt we will be able to find a repairman. Thanks.

James Conley answers:

First you have to find the water shut off valve for the Sub-Zero and turn it off. This valve could be in the basement or under the sink. Then call a repair man on Tuesday. Have a good weekend any way and if you need any more help you can email me. Regards, Dale

David asks…

How to remove Sub Zero built-in refrigerator? I have a 36″ over/under refrigerator/freezer circa 1958?

I need to remove it from the cabinet to install a different refrigerator. Can anyone tell me how to do this. It does not have its own wheels as later models do. Do I just place an appliance dolly under the front edge and tilt back? I do not plan to re-use it (although it works fine!). Can I disassemble it to reduce the weight such as removing the doors or removing the condensers? If any of you folks have removed or un-installed a Sub Zero before, give me the benefit of your advice and experience. I haven’t found an appliance repair person willing to do the job—is this more of a moving company job? Thanks for your help.

James Conley answers:

Quite the conundrum

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