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Your Questions About Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

Steven asks…

Why are Sub-Zero refrigerators so coveted?

The ones I’ve seen have giant vented things on top…am I missing something?
Yes, but a rolls-royce has more comfortable seats, burled wood dash, a quiet ride. Is a subzero quieter? What are the qualities that make it better? Can I punch in an exact temperature in five zones, or what?

James Conley answers:

Not sure where one of the other posters is getting their info, but Sub-Zero has for many years running, had one of the worst repair records in the industry. The more fancy you make something, the more there is to malfunction….simple common sense. But people who are willing and able to spend $6000 for a fridge are probably not going to bat an eye at a $400 repair bill.

The reason they’re so coveted is simple: Bragging rights. You see them on the cooking shows. It’s a high end brand name. Owning one allows you to say “I have a Sub Zero…touch me!” Sort of like saying, “I drive a Mercedes.” In another words, “I have more money than sense.”

Yes, Sub-Zeros are nice. Damn nice. And they work great. WHEN they work. But I wouldn’t take a chance on their reliability. Which seems to be questionable at best.

Betty asks…

Would you rather have a side by side fridge or a bottom freezer fridge?


James Conley answers:

I have used both and the freezer on the bottom is definitely the way to go, in my opinion.

The refrigerator compartment is higher off of the floor, so everything is so easily within reach. There is no crouching down to find things, especially in the bottom drawers like in fridges with the freezer on the top. The freezer on the bottom is not just one big drawer, so things do not get piled up on each other. The freezer drawer pulls out and there is another wire mesh drawer to pull out from inside the freezer. Therefore, nothing is piled on top of each other and everything is easy to find.

The side by side fridge/freezer combo is a freaking nightmare. Forget about storing ANY large items in the freezer or the fridge. No trays of frozen lasagna, no platters in the fridge. The fridge is very narrow and deep, so you are constantly digging for things in the back and the bottom shelves are really low so you just about have to get on the floor to reach inside those bottom storage bins for your food as well as the food stored on the door down there. My sister has a sub zero side by side and she hates it. Right after the one year warranty was over, the ice maker/water dispenser died. The company said they do not repair the ice makers and she had to get an entire new door unit for $700.00 dollars, yes, $700.00 if she wanted ice and water from the door unit. She said, screw that!!

The new freezer on the bottom models of fridges are well thought out and actually have a very convenient lay out. I personally do not care for the pull out deli platter shelf that some of them have, but other than that feature in some, they are a great way to store your food.

I dare you to try and fit a turkey in a side by side freezer.

Robert asks…

Can somebody tell me where to buy an electrical cooking appliance that actuallly works &?

is not made in China.

Being as that “Billionaires own business, that hire employees and produce products and services.
I am talking about small appliances. I bought 3 of them. A fryer and 2 saute type pans. all made in China. Had to throw them away.I coild not regulate the heating element.
One of the pans I threw away is GE. Walmart sells GE products they are all made in China.

James Conley answers:

Oh yes!!! Cooktek. They made my magnetic cook top in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I physically went there and pick it up and installed it myself.

PS. I own a Miele oven and grill, and it is made in Germany. Europeans do not like it when they have repair people to their homes, so their kitchen appliances last a generation; they do not break down after the 3-year warranty gives out.

Oh yeah, my Sub Zero refrigerator is made in USA.

Then you should try All-Clad. I believe it is made in Pennsylvania, USA and with American artisans, and materials. It will cost you more, but I still have the same pots and pans from 26 years ago and they are working fine.

Good Luck.

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