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Your Questions About Stove Repair Service

Mark asks…

My range just made a popping noise and shut down. what should i do?

We turned everything off on the stove and flipped the breaker back on. it then flipped the master breaker and shut everything down. We turned the master breaker back on. Then we pulled the stove out and were going to unplug it but found it to be hardwired into the back of the stove. What other troubleshotting steps should we take to figure out the issue? And do we call a stove repairman or an electrician?
A dead short?

James Conley answers:

~*~ It sounds like you have a short or it is an automatic trip that is going off because of a malfunction. Call the repair service.

James asks…

why does tyhe temperature in my refrigerator get warmer when the temperature in my house is warmer?

It is an older refrigerator and the food is going to keep spoiling. It fluncuates between 50 and 35 degrees depending on how warm the house is. WHY?? Is this something that can be repaired or do I have to but a new one??

James Conley answers:

You’ve gotten some good answers so far. When is the last time that you pulled the fridge away from the wall and vacuumed out the coils? If you have a shop vac, suck out and up as much as you can, then change the hose to the outlet and blow out all the rest of the dust. The coils must be clean and free of dust, hair, and dirt, this will allow the fridge to cool at it’s best. It should be done once a year, more often if you have pets that shed a lot. Next, to check the door gaskets, open the door, insert a dollar bill in the opening, close the door on it, now try to pull the bill out. You should have to tug on it, it should not just slide right out. If it does, the door is racked out of shape, or the door gasket is bad. Try the bill in different places all the way around the door, about every 6″, where the two doors meet, open the other door so that it is not in the way of this test. If you determine that the door gaskets need replacing, take down the model and serial numbers and brand and go to your local appliance parts store and get new ones. You can ask them for advice on how to replace them if the gaskets do not come with instructions. You should have seen the model number tag on the fridge when you were cleaning it or doing the dollar bill test, it is a small metal tag, about the size of a business card. If you do keep the coils clean, and the door gaskets checked out good, you likely have problems with the thermostat, or are low on freon in the cooling system. These fixes will require a service visit from a repairman, as there is specialized equipment to check and fill the system, and replacing the thermostat can be tricky. The only other possibility is that you have the fridge next to a radiator or hot air duct , or next to the stove. Obviously, the fridge should not be placed next to a heating source, and it needs to be moved away from it. Good luck, hope this helps you get it fixed.

Betty asks…

My stove is having an issue Every time i put it on it sparks?

Hey Guy thanks for reading was just finding more information on this issue My stove surprised me today. every time i put on the stove i see a big spark then it of course truns off the power to the stove. But the top still works the issue is the bottem of the stove its self, have i broken a fuse or is it broken or what? need some info thanks guys.

James Conley answers:

Sounds like a major short. I’d call an appliance repair service.

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