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Your Questions About Stove Repair Service

Mark asks…

can the small burner on my stove be fixed?

I have a 2 year old electric Frigidaire stove. The front right burner is small or large — you can choose either. It’s two rings — the small one inside, and the large one outside. The small ring doesn’t heat up any more. So, when you choose ‘small’, nothing happens. When you choose ‘large’, just the outer part heats up. My question is, is this an easy, inexpensive, fix, or is it going to be an expensive service call?

James Conley answers:

It could easily be a loose or broken wire.
Call a few service techs and ask them their prices.
You might be able to repair it yourself; just unplug the unit and investigate.
Again, unplug the unit before you start poking around.

Charles asks…

my wife scratched glasstop stove a big black spot how do i remove or repair?

stove top is black with white spots Maytag MERH752BAW
its scratched not anything else cleaners will not work

James Conley answers:

You could try possibly calling your local glass repair shop to see if they offer any services (may be able to use the same chemicals as fixing an auto windshield….but due to the heat probably not).

I hate to say it but I would contact the manufacture about replacing that particular panel on the stove.

Daniel asks…

Why do I need a steam feature in my clothes dryer?

I’m in the market for a new clothes dryer and I’m wondering what the steam feature is good for. I couldn’t find any information about this online.

Does it allow me to wash dry clean only clothes?

Does it result in less wrinkles?

Is it just a waste?


James Conley answers:

No, it will not allow you to wash dry clean only clothes. You will still have to take those to the dry cleaner. The dry cleaner does not use water but chemicals (dry is used here because of the absence of wet water).

The steam cycle is not meant for drying every load; it’s counter productive. You’re trying to dry the clothes and the steam cycle puts moisture in the form of steam back in there. It’s meant for freshening things like the above mentioned dry clean only clothes (possibly making trips to the dry cleaner less frequent), help remove or loosen wrinkles and to sanitize things. The steam cycle will not give a wrinkled cotton shirt a “just pressed” appearance despite what the commercials show. The only way to get the smoothness, crispness is to iron it.

It’s not an option I would purchase. If you want less wrinkles, don’t overcrowd the washer and the dryer. Dry clothing only partially dry, shake out and hang in a well ventilated area to finish. Smooth wrinkled areas with your hands/fingers and usually by the time they are dry, the wrinkles are gone.

I think it’s the latest gimmick to try to separate you from more of your hard earned cash. Pop into your local library and take a look at Consumer Report’s 2010 Buying Guide. That will give you some factual information on the models and manufacturers available.

Make sure that there is a local service person for whatever brand you choose. Many people buy from places like Best Buy or Lowe’s and find out when their appliance breaks under warranty that there is no one to service it. And the company won’t pay extra for the service people to come do warranty work.

Friends bought a high end LG stove at Best Buy. Got a great deal because it had been on display for a bit. 3-4 months later; the burners start shutting off whenever. No service person authorized by LG to do warranty work withing 1 1/2 hours drive time one way. LG won’t pay the guy extra for the long distance so he won’t come. They ended up paying the service company’s drive time and mileage and LG paid for the labor and the repairs. They are still trying to get their money back from LG months later. But it was better than buying another new stove.

And don’t listen to their but buy our extended service contract and you won’t have to worry about it. You bought a new appliance and are you going to be happy if it breaks and a person has to come a long distance (and has to clear his schedule to do it) and can’t do so for weeks? And if he has to order a part, it will be weeks again. Just buy what you can get serviced locally but make sure that XYZ Appliance Repairs in your town will repair/work on units bought from a big box store. Many won’t. Call and be sure.

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