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Your Questions About Stove Repair Parts

Chris asks…

how do you repair burners on a stove that the connections are not working?

I have a stove and two burners are out. There seems to be a connection problem in that when I fiddle around with the wires, the LED pilot light sometimes goes on and the burners become hot.

James Conley answers:

If the elements come on when you fiddle with them – then the
problem is with worn out connector blocks and they can be
easily replaced. Get a couple from your hardware store or
appliance parts store – turn off the circuit breakers and remove
the blocks by removing the one screw. Cut the wires and splice
in the new connector blocks with their wires with wirenuts that come with the blocks and reinstall.
Turn your breakers back on.

Maria asks…

What is a good camping stove for four people possibly five?

Hi I will be going backpacking and staying on a primitive camp site for the weekend with four. Possibly five people total and I was wondering about what would be the most efficent cheap and best type of stove to use while I will be on this trip.

James Conley answers:

My Boy Scout Troop has used the ‘Coleman Exponent Xpedition Two-Burner Backpacker Camp Stove’ for several years. As you can imagine, with young boys using them, they are going to see a lot of abuse. They have held up well and are easy to repair.

The biggest con to them is the attaching of the fuel bottle to the stove. You have to be careful to push the bottle all the way into the fitting or you can damage it and the bottle will not attach correctly. It’s like any other stove, you need to treat it with respect and it will last a long time. Parts are easy to get.

The stove is great for cooking for a large group of 7-8 people or more because of the 2 burners.

The stove has very stable legs and can accommodate large pots.

Compact two-burner camping stove–weighs 26 ounces
Opens to 15 by 11 by 4 inches; folds down to 14 by 4 by 4 inches
Fully adjustable up to 10,000 BTUs burner boils water in 3.75 minutes
Regulated for a constant, consistent burn
Operates on Coleman Powermx fuel (cartridge not included)

Betty asks…

Is there a natural home remedy way to repair actual hair strands to make it thicker?

Ok so I have naturally very thick hair. I have More African American hair. It grows long and thick but after brushing a part of the right side of my hair, once, with my hair very dry, my hair strands broke a lot on on that side so it doesn’t look damaged but thinned looking. At the time of course I didn’t know that brushing your hair when it’s really dry could break your hair off. Anyways, my question is (PLEEEASE ANSWER WITH KNOWLEGE OR WISDOM) what at-home natural remedy can I use to restore my hair very quickly, also without having to wash my hair afterwards??? Thank you all the help you are giving and will give!!!
In specifics, I’m looking for a natural home remedy permanent hair volumizer that you can put on hair dry and not have to wash it out…

James Conley answers:

Rosemary leaves! Boil water over your stove and sprinkle a generous amount of rosemary leaves. Once the water is no longer clear, pour the ‘treatment’ into a spray bottle and apply it to your hair after showers and before you go to bed.
Rosemary leaves are said to awaken dormant hair roots, stimulating hair growth

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