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Your Questions About Stove Repair Parts

Sandy asks…

How can I remove the front of a Magic Chef m#6498vra stove to replace the touch pad?

According to the owners manual, it states not to remove the top or you may damage the gas tubes leading o the burners. I need to replace the touch pad which is located in the front of the stove.

James Conley answers:

I have had pretty good luck using google to find service instructions; there are several parts houses out there online that provide exploded diagrams if you have your model number, and some sell repair manuals. In addition, there was a class action lawsuit that covered this model of stove; you may want to contact a maytag service center to find out more about what can be done, if anything, to remediate future failures of this part.

The touch pad may snap into the face of the unit, in which case you may be able to pop it out with a thin screwdriver.

Carol asks…

Piezo stove ignition stays on, what is the problem ?

The ignition on all four burners of the stove keep firing, even if the controls are all on off.

Is it one of them, a central control unit, or ?

James Conley answers:

Never heard of a Piezo….. But most gas cooktops work the same…. Behind the knob is a small square “box” that has either 2 or 3 wires going to it. When the valve is turned to the “light” position, the contactor inside this “box” makes and the ignitors ALL fire… If any one of them gets stuck or broken inside, the ignitors will continue to pop…. And this is not good for the ignition module, either…. That can get damaged if it runs continuously for too long…. Pull all the knobs and take the front cover off… See if you can tell which one is the problem and (with the stove unplugged) cut and tape the wires to it. This will disable all the burners’ ignition to one side or the other…. You can still light it with a match until you can get the part….

18 yrs home appliance repair……

Jenny asks…

How to replace a damaged control panel for an electric stove?

My family has a GE electric range stove and the model type is something like this:
There was an incident recently where we were cooking something on the stove and it caught on fire, damaging the control panel in the process (the electric parts on the inside like the clock are still working, but the knobs and face of the control panel were burned beyond repair).
Now have to fix the problem by either replacing the control panel or getting a new stove entirely.

I found the control panel online, but we’d have to order the parts separately and put them all together ourselves (way too complicated).
Is there anyway to get a whole control panel for this stove in one piece?

James Conley answers:

Looks like a new stove is coming to your house….. I doubt very serious if you can get a complete panel. You just buy the parts, even if it amounts to a complete panel and put them together. Soooo, what to do. Well first cost out all of those parts including shipping and see what the total is.

Now only worry about the parts that really need replacing. I’m sure you don’t need to replace the back panels or every screw/hinge/mounting brackets etc. Looks like 6 or seven connect to the control panel then you push on the knobs. When you install them don’t go in and remove everything without making a drawing of what wire goes where (take pictures) then it’s easy to put it together. Heck I’d leave the old there while I built the new one.

If it’s worth doing it (I know, you said way too complicated) then find a friend who can do it. I’d have that thing together before you could make me a cup of coffee. Maybe a co-worker or church member. Etc etc

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