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Your Questions About Stove Repair Parts

Betty asks…

Is it normal for a pellet stove to use 40 lbs of pellets in two days?

We are part of a group who bought pellets for a needy family that their pellet stove is their only source of heat. We wonder if it doesn’t need repaired or replaced.

James Conley answers:

I used to live in Ohio and I used a pellet stove to heat a 1700 sq. Ft. House with a 900 sq. Ft. Basement.
As I recall, even putting the stove on its lowest setting I would go through a 40 lb. Bag of pellets in about 16 hours. We used about 3 tons of pellets (150 bags) for the entire winter.
I used to fight with my ex-wife about the setting on the stove. I wanted the house warm, she wanted it hot like a tropical rain forest, and the lowest setting made the whole house, excluding the basement, warm enough to wear jeans and t-shirts.
She would put it up to a 2 or 3 (out of 9) some nights and the house felt like an oven by morning, so I would shut it down till evening if I could get away with it.

Sandra asks…

What are the best pots to use on glass top stoves?

I have a new glass top stoves and I want to know the best types of pots and pans to use on it. Name brands would be great!

James Conley answers:

Name brand doesn’t matter as far as protecting the heating elements in the stove.
As for your health, an old cast iron skillet is the best. They don’t have the ‘no-stick polyteflon’ crap on them that causes Alzheimers.
If your primary concern is protecting your brand new stove that is going to need repaired in less than three years, (because they make their money selling parts, not units) then stick with pots and pans that aren’t any wider than heating elements.

Maria asks…

how do I fix a gas stove that does not turn on or produce any gas anymore?

I have a GE gas stove. The top part works (the burners ) but the oven does not. It just stopped suddenly. not light, no gas smell, no nothing when i turn the oven switch on the 300 degrees.

James Conley answers:

What Tex said is very likely the correct answer. As a appliance repair technician with over 30 years of experience,that to is what i think he problem is.If ya feel capable,to check it usea volt meter and place one lead on each of the 2 wires on the ignitor and set the oven thermostat to any tempature and their should be 120 volts ac at those 2 wires,if voltage present the ignitor is going to be the problem

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