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Your Questions About Stove Repair Manual

Lisa asks…

I have various problems with my Toyotomi laser 30 heating stove and would like to find a good repair manual.?

We have no fuel going from the carburator to the fuel pot, but we have plenty of fuel up to the carburator.

James Conley answers:


Mandy asks…

where can i find a repair manual for a 1978 sea ray sundancer?

I have already checked with and called their customer support line with no help. Needing one to help me with restoring my boat. Also unsure how stove, refrigerator works. And the fresh water system.

James Conley answers:

For the engine try, they have MerCruiser manuals.

For the stove, frig, and water system try to contact the original manufacturers.

For the boat itself search the net for SeaRay owners and refurbishers. SeaRay has the second largest owners group, only HOG is larger.

Ruth asks…

After buying a 6 year-old house, what needs to be done to the house as a new home owner?

it has a relatively small yard, with AC/heater/water heather/stove, i’ve never lived in a house.

James Conley answers:

A six-year-old house should be in fine shape and have no immediate requirements. Typically, a roof lasts for at least 20 years, a water heater lasts for at least 10 years, and a forced-air furnace with central A/C is good for at least 15 years. The house should have windows, doors, wiring and insulation that are up to current code or very close, and should be fitted with the appropriate gutters and drainage systems. You really should not have to do anything to the house, unless the previous owner abused it.

If you have never owned a house, plan on buying a few tools for home/yard maintenance. Figure on a lawn mower (get a manual push mower with no motor if you want some good exercise!), a pair of yard clippers, a good hammer, pliers, a 2-foot level, wire cutters, needlenose pliers, a set of screwdrivers, a good adjustable wrench and a 25-foot tape measure. Those tools will enable you to keep the yard clean and install/repair any minor things around the house.

Welcome to home ownership… And good luck!

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