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Your Questions About Stove Repair Manual

Carol asks…

Just bought a 2001 bayliner 2855. Anyone know how to operate the acohol electric stove?

Can it run solely on electricity? If so how do I turn it on? How does the alcohol operation work? Does anyone have a manual or link to an online manual.

James Conley answers:

The Electric stove has a breaker on the main 120V. Switch panel, once that is turned on the black knob on the stove will turn it on and adjust the temp. The black top surface is the cooking surface and the alcohol unit is under it. I hope this helps. I’ll check for a manual, but Perco has one for alcohol stoves, but I’d not use it until someone shows you how. After filling the tank with “stove” alcohol and pressurizing the tank by using the pump. You have to put a little alcohol in the bowl of the burner, open the burner knob for just a second, then turn it off, use a BB-Q grill lighter to light it, wait until in burns almost completely out then crack open the knob of a second. To see if it will “gas”, The burning alcohol heats a dome inside the burner, when it’s hot enough the liquid alcohol will vaporize into gas, and burn as it escapes the holes in the top of the burner. Looks like a gas stove. When you first “pre-heat it the burner, the flames flare up and scares you to death, so get someone to show you, or don’t use it. PS. Water in a pan will put the alcohol fire out, but not grease that’s from what you are cooking. You need a dry fire extinguisher handy! Good luck!…………… Edited 0954hr. The reason for using alcohol stoves on boats is the explosive danger from other types of stove and fires. Do not use non marine stoves or grills! I’ve personally seen a boat explode because a propane grill had leaked gas inside the cabin. I’ve also repaired damage caused by charcoal grills, hibachi, propane (backyard) grills, camp stoves , and electric skillets. There are propane grills made to mount on the sternrails and hang over the back of the boat. Yes, alcohol takes some getting comfortable with but it’s safe………….I googled “alcohol stove owners manual” and found a free manual for your stove, and a site where you can get a Bayliner owners manual for $16 with info on your stove. Good Luck!

Daniel asks…

How do you put in an outer glass on a fridigaire stove door?

The stove model is FEF352ASE. I have the replacement outer glass but can’t figure out how to put it in. The foil is included with the new glass so the glass does not just SLIDE in. I can’t find a diagram online or a manual and the manuf book does not include repair information. Thanks.

James Conley answers:

You’re going to have to take the door apart. Go to the Sears site and then go to the door section. You will see the blow up of the door. It should help you to take it apart to access the glass.


Michael asks…

How do we get our Kenmore oven (model # 72320100) to start preheating?

Bought a new stove and we are trying to figure out if its broken or not… we try to select a temperature and the “clean” light comes on. But the oven does not get warmer. Please help us!

James Conley answers:

This link will help you with Troubleshooting, Manuals & Repair

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