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Your Questions About Stove Repair Cost

Linda asks…

hotspring martinique 320 hot tub heater out want to repair myself. guidence appreciated.?

everything else seems to be working including circulation. No heat. I have my manual but it doesn’t give any part numbers and I could use a little help knowing how to go about this project. I bought it new in 2003. Never had any replacements required till now. Have a need to eliminate repair costs as much as possible.

James Conley answers:

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING – check the fuse(s) within the control unit. Typically there are cartridge fuses for the pump(s), heater and ozonator if so equipped. In the ideal world, one blew and you have not much more than a $3 problem.


If the fuses are good:

You will find a control system inside your access panel that looks vaguely like the one below. The heater is within that stainless steel tube – which must be entirely removed from the hot tub to access it. The heater itself is about 8″ long and looks like a folded electric stove element. Some things to keep in mind:

These heaters will draw up to 6,000 watts if you have a 220V system. So, shut off the power at your panel before touching anything inside the tub.


Disconnect the heater connections – they will be heavy nuts and heavy wire. Use a Good VOM and test across the leads for continuity. You should get a few ohms of resistance, and anything above that means that the element is open (bad). If you are getting low resistance, then the thermostat may be bad. That if within the heater, that will be ether a small plug or two smaller wires. Test them as well – if the stat is good and the system cold, you should read near-zero resistance. If more than that. It is bad.

That gives you a start.

Use good tools of the proper type and application. Many of the parts are soft and will bend or break if abused. Especially the electrical connections.

Ask the place that sells you the heater if that is what you need to show you how it fits. You will learn a lot removing the old one, but remember forewarned is forearmed (which is also half-an-octopus) in these cases.

Best of luck with it.

Donald asks…

How much do people make who repair electronics?

I’m wondering if you can earn a decent living from repairing small electronics. If so who would you work for? Would your work for a company such as sony? Fixing electronics are my favorite thing to do and I know a lot of the basics. How can I learn to do this without college because I suck at book work and can’t handle book work.

James Conley answers:

The days of getting a job like that are over.

The capitalist pyramid economy has gotten to the end, and now they have to charge 10 times more than the cost of a new device, to repair a broken one.

The spark igniters on my stove top went bad. It should have been a matter of me just replacing a 50 cent capacitor, but the whole circuit board was epoxied into a plastic box, so you can’t get to it, and are forced to pay $80 for a new “sparker module”!

Now if some repairman, making union wages, was to come to my house to fix that for me, the price would be more than a whole new stove would cost me!

Enjoy repairing electronics as a hobby. About 10 – 20 years ago, I took pictures of the remaining TV and electronics repair shops around here, and none of them are around today, thus why I took the pictures of them, I knew they were all going to close down, and they did.

Nancy asks…

How do you repair a chip in a glass top stove?

Small chip on black glass top stove by GE. I would rather not replace the whole thing. It is chipped, but not cracked. Chip is on the burner surface. I have heard epoxy melts at around 300 degrees F, so that might not be the best way. Has anyone heard of a better solution, other than complete replacement?

James Conley answers:

There’s no way to repair it & I know you’re not going to like the cost of a replacement…actually, you should be sitting down when you call for a price.

Replaced one for a customer 3 years ago.

Good luck…

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