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Your Questions About Stove Repair Cost

Ken asks…

Can a cracked Electrolux magnetic induction glass stovetop be repaired or replaced?

I had a clumsy moment and dropped something on the corner of my Electrolux magnetic induction stove top.

The glass is cracked over one element only. Any ideas about repairability / cost of replacing the glass top?

Presumably I’m not the first person to do this but I can’t find anything about it on Google.

James Conley answers:

Not a DIY project. The glass definitely needs to be replaced. It’s going to run $500 to $1,000 to replace the glass. Charges depend on the price of the glass and the time needed to change it.
I told my daughter to store only plastic glasses and empty Tupperware above her glass top.

Richard asks…

How much lower do you typically offer on a house?

Generally speaking, what percentage under the asking price would make a competitive offer.

Say the house is listed at 200k

The Apprasial is marked at 195k

Average cost of other houses in the area is around 185k

But there were 30k in renovations done to the house since it was built.

Under said circumstances, what would make a competitive offer?
Has been on the market for 74 days. Buys or sellers not using agents, sellers ambitious and buyers very interested.

James Conley answers:

The 30k renovations really only counts on new upgrades as like the kitchen and bathes, new pool, additions and etc. If its just for new roofing, siding, carpet, etc. That’s considered as up keep and really doesn’t add value to the home. Its best to get a few prices of sold homes in the area that fits close to the one you are interested in, allot of cities now have the tax records on line and you can search by address of homes sold, print them out and include them into your offer to purchase. With the home market down you should be offering in the price range what others have sold for which you have stated around 185k, make sure you make your offer contingent to an acceptable home inspection which will be able to get you out of the purchase agreement should the home inspector find any faults and if there are new additions, the home inspector will make note and ask for building permits, also add that the home owner will bear all cost of repairs up to 2K that the home inspection finds if any and that a walk though prior to closing will be done and signed by booth sellers and buyers. Don’t forget to list EVER THING that is to stay with the home, refrig, stove, window dressing, ceiling fans,carpet etc. And when you go through the walk through make note ever thing is there, take pictures of the home at time the offer is accepted, then you can verify that the correct stove, refrig., etc. Is the same as you seen when you made the offer. Good Luck
Retired Realtor

Mandy asks…

How effective is burning wood inside the home in a wood fireplace for helping to heat the home?

There are 2 fireplaces sharing one pit, 1 on each side in 2 separate rooms. Will burning wood most of the night help with heating costs? What are other methods for cutting back on heating?

James Conley answers:

Wood is a very effective means of heating. Make sure your chimney is clean and in good repair first. Be sure you have a good damper to control the burn. A closed, insert type, fire place with a blower or heat exchanger is best. The wood needs to be dry and seasoned and of a good BTU producing variety. You can find all this info on line, Your State extension office site is a great place to look. Also, please remember burning wood puts the same pollutants in the air as wood that is just laying on the ground rotting, so why not put it to good use. Most people bank their fire at night, if you intend to have it burning all night you will have to get up every few hours and tend to it. This is what I do: I have a mattress heating pad on the beds, turn this on an hour before you plan to go to bed. Bank your fire before you retire for the night. Set the furnace on 55 or 60 and it will turn on after the fire stops putting out heat. Get up in the morning a little before the rest of the family and stir the coals a bit and put on some more wood and in no time it will be warm again. You can set a kettle of water on top to put moisture in your air. Long ago, when I had a freestanding iron stove, I would put a full large whistling tea kettle on a high trivit on top of my stove as a fire alarm in case my fire got too hot. You could try this and load, not bank your fire before bed I would sit up with the fire the first few times though. Good luck!.

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