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Your Questions About Stove Repair

George asks…

How do you take off the stove top on a white-westinghouse stove?

Trying to clean my stove, and need to take the stove top off, I unscrewed the screws but now it wont budge. How can I lift it for cleaning purposes.

James Conley answers:

The range front should lift up and hinge on the back. They are usually held in place with two very strong clips on the sides near the front. You should be able to lift up the front with about 10lbs of force and the top will pop up. If it takes more than that, take a look at an appliance repair website. I like

Paul asks…

How do I manually light an electric powered stove?

My grandmother has an electric stove. But the power went out and hasnt came back on. We tried turning on her stove to keep her warm.But the only one burner came on, and the stove wont turn on.(its powered by electric).

Does anyone know how to bypass it?

Like, go in and light the pilot light manually with a match or lighter?

James Conley answers:

Um as far as i know from what you are describing you may need a new stove or call a repair guy for an estimate. Look in phone book alot of companies will offer free estimates

David asks…

How do I connect (and regulate) a kitchen stove to a 20# propane tank for my cottage?

I’ve tried using the regulator in the stove but no gas comes out. When I used the regulator on the 20# tank and bypassed the stove‘s regulator, too much gas came out (although we did successfully bake a nice pizza!) Is my stove set up for natural gas instead? How do I find out?

This is a temporary hook-up until we get a permanent tank installed outdoors.

Thanks for your answers, clues and suggestions!

James Conley answers:

Don’t play with this! The pizza you baked was most likely toxic, because the oven was heated with too much gas and not enough air, yellow flames. The perfect flame of a gas stove is supposed to be blue.

Your gas stove is most likely as you said set up for natural gas. It can be changed over to propane (different size nozzles and air mixture adjustment for the burners) which has to be done by a certified gas furnace repair man. The cost involved may be questionable, it might be better to buy a used propane gas stove and forget the one you’re playing around with now.

The gas cylinder must be placed outside, all connections must be tested for leaks, because propane gas can be extremely explosive and could lift your cottage off of it’s foundation.

Also a warning in additiion:
Never use a gas stove for any extended time to possibly heat the place. Gas flames produce Carbon Monoxide, which can lead to death or brain damage in a very short time. I would recommend a carbon monoxide detector for safety.

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