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Your Questions About Small Appliance Repair

Mary asks…

How to get rubber timing belt to stretch?

I am working on repairing a small appliance. I had to take out a small rubber timing belt (with teeth) and now I need to put it back in. Problem is, I can’t get it to go over all 3 gears it was originally over. Is there anyway I could stretch it? It doesn’t seem very pliable.

James Conley answers:

Correct ..they are not supposed to stretch… You can use a temporary lubricant.. Non oily like personal lubrication jelly.. It is water based and will not damage the belt..Soapy water or dish washing liquid can also be used..

Sandra asks…

do i have to have a license to repair window units, refrigerators and deep freezes have type 1,2,3 epa certifi?

i have type 1,2,3 universals from taking cfc test can i work on small appliances that involves refrigerant recovery and charging or do i have to have a license.

James Conley answers:

You have all the certifications you need to work on window units, refrigerators and other refrigerant small devices. The big ice machines and things like that….

Nice job shutting down your other question…. But go ahead and learn your lesson about installing a piercing valve on a window unit….. I guess some people just have to learn the hard way.

Helen asks…

Who repairs electrical cords?

I have a couple of small appliances (microwave, air purifier) that have had their electrical cords destroyed by one of my cats. Any ideas on who to call to get these repaired?

PS: Can electrical tape be used to repair small bite marks on a fan cord?


James Conley answers:

Just make sure the wires are not touching or it will short out.If the insulation is just torn off, It will be OK to wrap in tape, But if
wires are broken, I would replace the cord. LOWES or Home Depot personnel should be able to help you on this, They can tell you what type of cord to buy and plug to put on end of it and show you how to put plug on it, Then just matter of opening up cabinet and change the cord out.

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