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Your Questions About Small Appliance Repair Training

Chris asks…

Did businesses as we see them today start in the 1980s?

Lowe’s, Home Depot, Grocery Stores, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, health cares, daycare centers, the way we educate, the way of technology and life all over the World, the World News, crimes that we commit, advertising markets, the music that we listen to today on the radio, the way we defend for ourselves, appliances that we use such as house fans that keep our air in our homes, computers, basically the lifestyle that we as humans live today, did all this start in the 1980s?

James Conley answers:

Those businesses on your list are actually subsidiaries of other businesses and mergers. During the 1960’s and 70’s there were a few successful boycotts that put a financial dent in a few long standing US Corporations. After that, these corporations diversified and spent their profits on smaller businesses and got into research and development. The US government helped to fund these ventures and even went so far as to supply free and low wage employees under the guise of “student trainees, vocational training programs and welfare to work.

Do a bit of research and you will see how many of these corporations are linked into one another through suppliers, shippers, packaging, processing, and a whole host of odd links that the average person would never think about. Proctor and Gamble is a prime example of diversification for the sole purpose of protecting it’s investors as well as it’s investments! It would be utterly impossible to boycott P&G and all of their many holdings because they have managed to put their hand in every corner of the universe!…and be a job CREATOR! A boycott for them is simply free advertising that boosts their bottom line. Ouch. Well played in any bodies book!

It only became noticeable in the 1980’s. Sad to say. There is not much chance of taking America back if we don’t start opening more manufacturing plants in this country again and allowing the Mom & Pop shops to sell products that come with high quality customer service and repair/replacement policies that do not cost the consumer an arm and a leg and a 6 month wait!

Joseph asks…

Is it possible to function and hold a career today without being able to drive?

I can’t drive and I don’t want to. I’m incredibly poor behind the wheel, always nervous, and I don’t ever want to be in another accident. So is it possible to manage in today’s world without being able to drive?

James Conley answers:

Sure, I know plenty of people (many over 40) who don’t have a license, never had one, and don’t want/need one. The important thing is where you live, and what you do for a job.

Some jobs allow you to telecommute (phone in, use home internet, etc.). If you’re self-employed, you could work from your own house. (Writer, artist, hairdresser, groomer, dentist, doctor, small appliance repair, etc. Lots of possibilities.) If you live near where you work, you could walk or bicycle (or ride a horse!) to work. If you live near public transport, you can take a bus or subway to where you need to go. Even long distance, you can take a bus, train, or plane to get there.

Mandy asks…

what are good self employment job or careers to start asap?

I’m really getting desperate.I live in a small town and have tried appylying at places but have been all turned down but deep down my passion is i really long to be my own boss to work by own hours and have the kind of freedom and spend more time with my wife and family but i just dont know which way to take I’m 26 and really dont have any work experience other than working for family in roofing which i want 2 get out of soon so I dont have to rely on my family for income but I’m not sure what options are out there and what are like scams and which one is the real deal a year ago i tried this mail-out opportunity and when i got the package lets just say its not what i thought it was it was so dissappointing because i hoped for when the material arrived i thought i was going to be able to start working on it and start sending out the mailout for the companies come to find out it was a total SCAM.So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions that would be great
thank you for your time.
Ive thought about being a movie writer because i love movies, disney, and the entertainment field but being in the small town I’m in there really no opportunity.thanks again for any suggestions.

James Conley answers:

Appliance repair supported my uncle for a lifetime in a small town. Plumbing might be good too if you can get the training to get licensed or electrician.

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