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Your Questions About Small Appliance Repair Training

Sandra asks…

Where in Toronto can I give used furniture as a charity gift?

I want to donate some good furniture which can be used by a charity to raise funds or to pass on to others who need it.

James Conley answers:

You can try goodwill or salvation army. I think they use some of the money earned on used items to train people to repair small appliances.

Laura asks…

How do you become a plumber? What training / experience do you need? and whats the money like?

James Conley answers:

Plumbers install and repair gas, water and waste systems for commercial, industrial and residential clients. They also install residential plumbing fixtures and appliances in new homes and during renovations. This is a well-paid construction field that is not currently attracting many young workers, due to frequently strenuous working conditions.

* STEP 1: Complete high school, taking courses in math, science, shop and, if possible, vocational courses, such as blueprint reading and plumbing.
* STEP 2: Ask your guidance counselor about opportunities in your local area.
* STEP 3: Search the Internet for current information on the plumbing field.
* STEP 4: Decide whether your goal is to join the local plumber’s union. If so, apply for a four-year apprenticeship, which involves approximately 2,000 hours of on-the-job training and at least 216 hours of classroom work. But be aware that only 1 out of 20 applicants is accepted to the program.
* STEP 5: Consider attending a trade school. A major benefit is the school’s job-placement service for qualified students.
* STEP 6: Check out smaller plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractors for any available apprenticeships or assistant positions. Your pay may be minimal, but you will receive on-the-job training if you demonstrate an ability to work intelligently.
* STEP 7: Investigate licensing requirements for plumbers in your area and make certain you will eventually have that knowledge.


Joseph asks…

Kennmore washer not spinning or draining?

Ok my wash machine has not been working since a few days and i don’t know how to fix it it doesn’t come on, what do i do?? Please help

James Conley answers:

BEST thing you could do
have someone who is trained
in small appliance repairs
come out and repair it…..

You must have a small appliance repair shop in your town….

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