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Your Questions About Small Appliance Repair

Lisa asks…

When servicing a small appliance for leak repair?

James Conley answers:

Wrong category and not even a complete question. Way to go!

Sharon asks…

I’m a small business owner. I repair appliances.?

I did a repair last night. I gave the client a verbal est. The customer said ok. The next day they called around and got a lower price. The customer call and said that they were going to cancel the check. What should i do?

James Conley answers:

Tell them you will sue them in small claim court if they cancel a check for work that was peformed .. The cost in va is 32$

Linda asks…

Starting a appliance repair buisness?

I want to start an appliance repair business at my house. People would ship there repairs to me and i would ship them there machines back. What would i need to get this buisness off the ground? What legal papers do i need to fill in riverside county, CA? Thanks…

James Conley answers:

Not an answer to your question but what kind of appliances are you thinking of repairing? Small appliances are disposable. In most cases the parts will cost as much as a new appliance without even considering shipping costs. There will not be any money in it for you. Large appliances? Refrigerators, ranges, etc must be shipped truck freight which again will not leave you any profit margin.

It appears that you haven’t done your homework regarding how to make money at this business.

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