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Your Questions About Small Appliance Repair

Sandra asks…

How can I repair my coffee maker?

My Hamilton Beach coffee maker quit working after I tried to clean it using a commercial cleaner. How do these coffee makers work and how can I repair or clean it?

James Conley answers:

Try these links for both questions.


Donna asks…

How do I start a part time horse tack repair/blanket cleaning business at home?

I have a horse…and have been around horses for most of my life. I also have an empty finished basemet in my house that could use a purpose. I’m thinking of starting a tack repair business. Any ideas or suggestions would be great…since I have no idea where to begin…other than to look into sewing machines!!! (=

James Conley answers:

1. Own or purchase large appliances. An extra large horse blanket is 83 to 85 inches from top (covering the animal’s shoulders) to bottom (covering the animal’s rear). Although this is smaller than a standard 88-inch square, queen-size comforter, horse blankets range in thickness from light fleece to heavy wool. Make sure you have a washing machine and dryer that can accommodate any size and thickness of horse blanket. You can also dry your clients’ blankets on a sturdy clothesline in warm weather.
2. Check with a local uniform cleaning service or a hotel to see where they buy their laundry soap in bulk. Since those businesses rarely, if ever, clean large amounts of wool, you will need to buy wool soap in large quantities at a wholesaler such as Costco or Sam’s Club.
3. Gather supplies for basic repairs, including a sewing machine that can stitch heavy wool blankets. Additionally, you will need basic sewing supplies, including scissors; pins and thread in a variety of shades to match the different colors of blankets; buckles; straps; and older horse blankets to be used as patches. You can find what you need for patching lighter fleece blankets at your local fabric store.
4. Advertise your business. Make up flyers and business cards and post them at local boarding farms, large-animal veterinary offices and farm supply stores. If there is a livestock or farm and ranch magazine that covers your area, take out an ad to run for several consecutive issues.
5. Go to local horse shows and rodeos and hand out your fliers and cards. Set up a booth in the vending area at the shows and repair a blanket or two while you sit. Once you have some satisfied clients, give them your business card to hand to friends who may need your services. Name your business and make sure it is listed in your local Yellow Pages.
6. Create a website for your horse blanket cleaning and repair business. Advertise your services on online classified sites. Join local horse-related e-mail lists and add a line about your business in your e-mail signature.
7. Be compliant with local ordinances. Check with your municipality to see what permits are needed and for the necessary tax identifications.

Donald asks…

i pulled an old air conditioner out of a closet and it started hissing. it’s not turned on?

there was an air conditioner in the closet when I moved in and I wanted to finally clean out. When I picked it up it started hissing. Like it’s blowing air. I saw a tiny hole in a pipe (I guess it was sitting on a small nail and when I moved it, the nail came out) should I be concerned? Or will it just let all the air out and stop?

James Conley answers:

Refrigerant is oxygen depleting….it displaces oxygen…if your reading this that’s good…fix or no fix ventilate the area….asap!…if you can see the hole mark it …take it to a small appliance repair shop if its fairly decent overall condition.they might be able to silver braze shop does(usually 125$..bench charge…freon 22 50$….

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