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Your Questions About Small Appliance Repair

Donald asks…

Where do I get a small appliance repaired?

My son’s brand new ipod dock just had its electrical cord chewed in half by our puppy. Thankfully puppy is fine.. but teenager is very sad. Thing is when I google repairs for appliances.. all I see are repair places for large appliances. What should I be looking for to find someone who can do a simple wire fix up??

James Conley answers:

Try an audio/video repair shop.

Sandy asks…

What are some good schools for small engine / appliance repair?

I was looking at Penn Foster College (online)? Is that a good program to take?

James Conley answers:

Most comm colleges DO NOT have small engine repair courses. I live in ky and there are no programs in the entire state. I have the same problem as you.

Most of the online only schools are complete rip-offs and will charge you 30k to get a degree or certificate that will make you 10$ an hour.

Good luck

Joseph asks…

What can I do to prevent my fuse from blowing?

I have a Trimline treadmill with a 15A / 250 V fuse. A few weeks ago, the original fuse blew. I’ve tried to repair it by using new fuses, but each time the fuse has blown immediately after starting the treadmill. I’m using the same sized fuse as the original one. Is there anything I need to check for or anything like that?

James Conley answers:

How about those great answers? I actually read your question. Something in the treadmill is not right and is blowing the fuse. Can you move the belt by hand? Look for something jamming the belt. That would make the motor work harder and blow the fuse. Just replacing the fuse won’t help until you fix whatever it is that is causing it to blow. Don’t use a bigger fuse or you may fry the wires inside, making it more expensive to repair. If you can’t figure it out try a small appliance repair shop.

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