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Your Questions About Small Appliance Repair

Lisa asks…

On the books. Where did you read to know on what year the book was written?

I want to buy 3 books. But I want the lattes editions.
1st small gas engine repairs
2nd appliances repairs
3rd HV/AC trouble repairs
there are so many books out there but some are very old only because are in like new shape but old technology.
I need to be able to understand how old is the edition. On copy rights some times have like 3 or more different years. Please help

James Conley answers:

It usually won’t tell you when the book was written but when it was published or copyrighted, and those are completely different from when it was written. I’m not saying its the case with technical books like the ones you want, but sometimes a novel won’t be published for a few years after it was written, and as long as two years after a publisher buys it.

Your best bet is to go to the author’s website. If there are new editions then they’ll be listed on the website, and that’s how you can tell which is the latest edition. I understand what you mean by outdated books. When I was an undergrad my professor had us read books that were obviously outdated with some of the technology, but the problem is that text books are pretty expensive so they can’t recommend the new version every time it comes out or it would be too much of an expense for the student.

Betty asks…

How do I repair my laundry drain pipe leak between drn pipe at floor pipe?

My laundry pipe is leaking excessive amounts of water where the drain pipe meets the floor pipe. How do I repair. My husband is too lazy so I will have to do it myself because I can’t afford a plumber. Help.

James Conley answers:

Trying to picture this:
Most washing machines have coming out the back a black drain hose with a sorta a bend at the end hooking into the house pvc plumbing.
Does yours? If so is the hose Kinked? If not you may have a clog in the plumbing house end and may just need to snake the clog.
Can you get excess to the basement? If so (checking for clogs still) look at the plumbing line which leads to the washing machine. Do you see a clean out anywhere? A clean out is a pc of plumbing that has a screw on cap. Make sure this is not 3” or larger as that is you toilet and heck that would be a messy job if you unscrew that. Look for about 2 “ pipe that is what most use. If you see a cap and that pipe leads to the washing machine unscrew that and be prepared for some water to drain out of it and then try snaking that towards the washing machine.

Now let say that you have a broken pipe and you see where the water is coming from. Then you will need a get a small pc of the small pipe and some couplings and some pvc glue. Cut (hack saw) the broken pipe out and follow the directions on the can of glue.
Glue and pipe can be purchased at your local hardware store.

If your washing machine fills and agitates but does not drain, something is probably wrong with the drain hose or the pump. The fact that the washer fills and agitates tells you that the motor works and the belt is fine (though some units have a separate belt for the pump, and direct-drive washing machines don’t have belts.)

1) Be sure the drain hose isn’t kinked.

2) Check the tab on the lid that strikes the lid switch; if it is broken, the washer may stop during the drain cycle. Press and release the lid switch. If it doesn’t click each time you do this, it’s probably broken. If you’re experienced at home repair, you can remove the switch, test it, and replace it if needed; otherwise, call an appliance repairperson.

3) The water pump may be broken or clogged with a small article of clothing, or the controls may be broken; call an appl guy.

Mary asks…

How do I keep renters from stealing appliances?

I repair rental property for a friend and we always wind up buying more used refrigerators and stoves when a renter moves out. We just need some advice on keeping the property intact. Thanks in advance.

James Conley answers:

*Keep purchase receipts for appliances, if you purchase used have the seller make you a hand receipt.

* Take a picture of each appliance and serial number with a time/date stamp.

*List these items in the rental agreement

*Don’t have any appliances over total value of $5,000, the limit of what you can win in small claims court.

If the value of what is stolen is less than their deposit, keep that money and document to them that they were charged for that item. If the value of these items is greater take them to small claims court and bring the Lease, Photographs, and Receipts for the appliances.

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