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Your Questions About Small Appliance Repair

Mary asks…

Began appliance repairing this year and came across a landlord that has not paid?

the $165 bill. Would it be worth pursuing in small claims court and what other options are there?

James Conley answers:

Resubmit bill via certified letter for your records. Mechanics can put a lien on the vehicle, you could probably attach to their property. Perhaps the landlord forgot. Then contact them about attaching lien or small claims- whichever you prefer. Small claims is usually around $30 to file, but landlord can counter claim, so have all your ducks in a row.

Susan asks…

Why do so many people specialize in vacuum repair?

Is vacuum repair very hard? Why do so many advertise that they have experience in what seems like a mediocre skill set.
Why are advertisements so common? I see more advertisemnts for vacuum repair than auto repair in my local newspaper.
Do vacuum’s house a very complex structure? Why would someone not be able to repair an appliance smaller than their stove?

James Conley answers:

Because There Are So Many Suckers Out There ! “LOL”, I’m Sorry But I Just Couldn’t Resist.

Simply Put, People Fear What They Don’t Understand. Yes, Vacuums Actually Are Pretty Simple, & Their Basic Concept Is The Same Basic Concept That Was 50yrs. Ago. (Air Will Move In To Where Air Has Been Removed, That Simple) So As Long As We Keep The Purchase, Repair, Replace Concept We Will Provide The Need Of A Sales & Repair Workforce.

“Think About It…………………….Gods Speed!”

Ken asks…

Do I have to get a permit to do TV and small appliance repair for friends and relatives for a fee?

I want to earn some money as a self-employed.

James Conley answers:


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