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Your Questions About Small Appliance Repair

Sandy asks…

Where can I find good website templates?

I have searched but I cannot tell whats a legit site for purchasing a template for making a website. Its for an appliance repair company. I would rather purchase a subscription for 50$ then buy a single template for 50. Let me know any specific websites you recommend for this. Thanks!

James Conley answers:

Here are some, these templates are the easy to edit and manage and very affordable.

Webmaster Templates –
Free Web Templates –
Free Website Templates –
Free Layouts –
Free Templates Online –
Web Design Elements –

HTML website templates can significantly ease the burden of designing and creating websites by providing webmasters with a ready-made web layout, structure, basic graphics, and color scheme. Templates can generally be edited and customized with any HTML editor. The biggest advantage for webmasters using ready-made templates is the amount of time that can be saved. There are a number of websites that provide ready-made HTML templates. We have compiled a list of some popular sites to make the search process easier.
This article details a number of other sites that have HTML Web Templates available –

Laura asks…

What kind of training do you have to have to repair small appliances and large ones too. I noticed that a lot?

of people throw away things that can be fixed. I have picked up things in the trash and repaired them and they work just like new. Now with the economy, a lot of people will probably be looking for people who know how to fix these things and I want to be on the front line when they need someone.

James Conley answers:

Small aren’t worth the time to repair. Try taking some classes at a tech school on small engine repair. Then you can repair lawnmowers, outboard motors, log splitters and other equipment. That is a great small business.

Mark asks…

What’s Goodwill’s policy on accepting small electrical appliances?

Does Goodwill test small electrical appliances, like microwaves, to see if they are actually in working order, or do they just rely on the word of the donor?

James Conley answers:

We have a Goodwill service center here in Southern California. There the disabled test and repair goods they then sell. However, our Goodwill will no longer take certain electronics deemed by the state to be hazardous waste including microwaves, computers, and TVs. For example.

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