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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Steven asks…

What is the horsepower of a typical medium sized refrigerator compressor?

I need a 0.25HP hermetic compressor. Will I get it in refrigerator repair shops? Also, are hermetic compressors repairable? (They are sealed by welding inside a black metal dome like cabinet)

James Conley answers:

Legally, to work with refrigerants, you must be licensed.

Hermetic compressors can be repaired. It is less expensive to replace them, but with infinite time and money, all things are possible.

You must really love this fridge. Scrap it and get another.

James asks…

My Frigidaire Gallery Stainless Steel Refrigerator is no longer maintaing a cold enough temperature?

I have set the dial to the lowest possible setting but it makes no difference. All the food has gone bad and will have to be thrown out. Their customer support is not helping so I will have to fix it myself but I do not know where to start. Is anyone familiar with Refrigerator repair out there who might know what the cause may be? The fridge itself is only 2 years old,
The compressor seems to be running fine, No Frost in the freezer and yes the dial is set to 6 the coldest possible setting. It just doesn’t seem to work.

James Conley answers:

You are turning the dial the wrong way

Michael asks…

Why does my freezer work great, but my refrigerator isn’t keeping things cold?

I have a side-by-side fridge/freezer. The freezer works fine, but the fridge is not fine. The temperature knobs are fine. In fact, I turned the fridge all the way up and it still didn’t help.

There was something blocking the hole between the freezer and the fridge, but I removed that and still no change. Would it help to defrost it? Perhaps the hole being blocked caused it to frost over in there? Isn’t that where air circulation from the freezer comes in at?

Anyone good with appliances or refrigerator repair?

James Conley answers:

All three listed below had ought to be done anyway. It is all part of maintaining your unit and are inexpensive or free as well.

First and foremost, since the Fridge part of the unit is used the most, check the seal around the door. Simply place a dollar bill in multiple places around the door. Close the door. If you can pull the bill out with ease, you need to change the seal. This is both easy, and inexpensive to do.

Second, if the seal is fine, vacuum around the condenser coils and the ENTIRE bottom and back of the unit.

Third, clean out the entire Fridge unit with white/clear vinegar and water. Occasionally a sensor becomes frozen, or tricked, into believing the unit is colder when either dirty or frozen over.

After you have finished all three steps, find out if the unit is now working properly. If not, it is your choice to either replace or have the unit repaired.

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