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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Joseph asks…

Why does my refrigerator want to become a freezer?

Lately my refrigerator has been running cold, even when I turn it down, it sits below 30 degrees. Is this the beginning of the end?

James Conley answers:

Hi Tom, this is Mike with The Home Depot

The most common cause of freezing in the refrigerator side is too many items too close to the air vent blocking it. Refrigerators circulate air from the freezer side to the refrigerator side to maintain the temperature.

If the air vent in the refrigerator side is blocked, air cannot flow properly and the temperature sensors will signal the compressor to run longer to try to cool the refrigerator side, that false reading causes the refrigerator side to be too cold.

Another common problem is having the ice maker turned on and no water supply hooked up to the refrigerator. Again the temperature sensors in th freezer are telling the compressor to run longer because the ice maker is not making ice. Of cause it can’t because there is no water in the ice maker. To solve this problem, turn off the ice maker.

If neither of these solutions work, then you may have a problem with the temperature controls or the temperature sensors. This will require a visit from an appliance repair service to check it out.

I hope these ideas help solve your problem

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

Lizzie asks…

My refrigerator is not getting cold but the freezer is working well?

Our power went out a few days ago and since then, our fridge is not getting cold but our freezer is working great. I can hear and see the cold air coming out of the freezer vent in the freezer but nothing out of the refrigerator side at all. The refrigerator is an LG Space Plus side by side. It is fairly new but out of warranty. Any suggestion on what to do would be really appreciated. We don’t have the money to get another refrigerator or call a repair man.

James Conley answers:

Check to make sure nothing is blocking the vent that goes down from the fridge and make sure the thermostat in the fridge is turned up or , if it defrosted during the power outage, water may have entered into this vent and then froze preventing airflow to the fridge section. Unplug the unit, remove all contents and let it defrost all the way. Should not take long to defrost so the contents should still be good. You may want to get a cooler with ice in it to make sure the contents don’t go bad.

Chris asks…

Where can I find an inexpensive refrigerator compressor and installation in Los Angeles?

I want to find the cheapest way to get my refrigerator fixed! If anyone can tell me who to call to get a new Whirlpool Gold compressor, I would really appreciate it!

James Conley answers:

It is not a cheap repair and companies that do that type of work normally like to make a profit, so you are not going to find one company that is drastically cheaper than the others. If you shop around, I’m sure you can find someone who is a little cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Companies that do the best work have to charge more because they have more overhead. Training, tools, insurance, etc. Plus, a reputable contractor will stand behind their work. Have a fly by night company do the work and good luck getting them back if you have a problem.

Edit: By the way, I do agree with gizmoe. You are better off with a new fridge.

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