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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Ruth asks…

Where do I find reliable u-line under counter refrigerator repair after warranty?

My refrigerator runs constantly. Probably the thermostat is out, but I can’t get an answer from anyone about repair. Any sugestions?

James Conley answers:

Go to your phone book and look in the Yellow Pages. I found a really good repairman listed there. Usually they charge $30-40 per hour for labor and then whatever the part is worth. If your are located in North Central Massachusetts, call The Appliance Man at 888-292-4502. Jim also has a website:

Betty asks…

When a repair person does work do they offer warranty?

I need my refrigerator to be fixed, when the repairman fixes it, is the work usually covered by a warranty or something, so that I don’t get charged again if something goes wrong with the appliance the next couple of days after the work
is that included in the price?

James Conley answers:

If you find a reputable one…if the problem reoccurs they will come out and fix it.
You will not have to pay extra for them to come again as they didn’t fix it in the 1st place.

Sandy asks…

What can I do about a refrigerator that stops working?

I have a 10 year old refrigerator that stopped getting cold. It still has power, as the interior lamp lights up and the fan/motor on the bottom is operating.

The easiest option is probably to buy a new one, but are there cheaper alternatives?

Is there anything I can look at myself, or common failures that I can check?

How much would I expect to pay a repairman and where would I find one?

James Conley answers:

They produce goods that are disposable. It is a shame that you can buy a new one for what it costs to repair an old one, and that is if parts are even still available. It would be less stress for you to find a good deal on a new refrigerator.

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