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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Joseph asks…

How can I get rid of condensation inside my refrigerator?

We have a refrigerator that has some condensation buildup on the inside. It is concentrated on the “ceiling” and frequently drips all over our food. We recently replaced the door seal and the door does not seal very well. Could this have something to do with it? How do we fix it?

James Conley answers:

First you should turn down the temperature because unlike a freezer the moisture in the cold air won’t freeze. It will just make everything wet. If that doesn’t work make sure that the stripping is still working and that is isn’t torn or anything. Or you if you can’t figure it out then maybe you should buy a new fridge or call a repair man.

Michael asks…

What does it mean when my refrigerator isn’t cold,but my freezer is too cold?

My refrigerator stopped getting cold to the point that my milk is spoiling. My freezer is so cold that it is giving the food freezer burn. What could this mean? Is there anyway I can fix this? Thanks!!

James Conley answers:

Some refridgerators have a cooling system that cools strictly from the freezer..there is a fan that blows the cool air down a tube into the refridgerator part…the fan has probably went out and is very easy to is inside the freezer where a little plastic box is and takes a couple screws to take it off…You can stick the bare wires directly into a wall long as you dont touch them together or handle the bare wire part to check ti once removed..if it works..then there is something in the inner switches..if it doesnt blow you can buy the part yourself for about 20.00 at a repair place and put it back in easily enough..A appliance man would charge about 150.00 to 200.00 to do can do it yourself in 15 minutes..minus the driving time to get the part…

Carol asks…

What can I do with the refrigerator producing water in the floor a t all times?

What can i do to repair the refrigerator so it stop draining water?

James Conley answers:

Check the door seals (they might be worn out); you can do that by taking a sheet of paper and closing the refrigerator door with t epaper in between the door and the fridge, if you can slide the paper out, then your seals might need replacement. The seal might not seal properly, letting cold air out, which in contact with the warm outside air causes condensation (cold air turns to water) and that’s why your fridge may be leaking.

Also, check the temperature control and set it to a lower level; your pipes might be freezing, causing ice to form and that ice melts, leaving your fridge in a puddle.

Hope that helps.

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