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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Mary asks…

Help, Refrigerator repair man is in my house right now, showing me what expensive parts are broken?

We have had problems with our refrigerator for a while.

The freezer didn’t seem to be working properly. The ice cream turned “soupy”. The meat in the refrigerator seemed to go bad.

The repair man is here now.

He said the computer chip for the defrosting system was broken.

He showed the accumulation of ice on the back of the freezer. He is using a hair dryer to melt it.

He showed me the computer chip. Said after 6 years anything is liable to happen, just like if a laptop had a problem.

He took out the computer chip and showed it to me. Said he’s sending it in to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer sent his company to my house. It costs $65 for him to walk through the door. Plus, whatever repairs.

What questions should I ask? Is he telling the truth?
By the way, we have a Jenn-Air refrigerator.

James Conley answers:

Sorry for your bad luck, pay the man

David asks…

How much would it cost to repair my refrigerator?

My freeze makes a loud humming noise at random times and both the fridge and freezer are colder than they should be. Items in my fridge get partially frozen and things in the freezer get freezer burn far to quick. I am trying to figure out how much it would cost to repair it to find out if i should just repair or replace. Is there someone that can give me a ball park estimate of how much a repair would cost with these issues in mind?

James Conley answers:

A good local repair company could usually do a quick temperature gauge adjustment on it for around a hundred bucks. Check your local listings under Refrigerator Repair. I would also recommend getting three separate estimates. Make sure the estimates are free, as some companies try to charge for simply showing up to look at it. Once these companies know you are price shopping, you will easily get a bottom dollar quick fix. Sure beats paying for a whole new assembly.

George asks…

What are the negative effects of refrigerator coolants on food and health when exposed?

My helper told me that the refrigerator is not cooling. She confessed that she used a knife instead of pushing the defrost button to remove the ice in the freezer. I assumed that there was a coolant leak because I saw holes cause by the knife and she said she heard a leaking sound. I have meat and fish inside the freezer. In fact we already had some for dinner an hour ago. May I ask if the said leak would affect the food stored inside and what are the health issues related to this. Should I be alarmed?

James Conley answers:

If there is a leak in your freezer it may not have the capacity to completely freeze your food. I would not panic yet but check if the food in your freezer is frozen solid. Keep watch of the food in your freezer to see if begins to defrost. If this happens I would dispose of the food and get your fridge repaired as you will be exposed to food poisoning if you eat food not properly frozen. Also fire your helper.

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