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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Charles asks…

refrigerator and freezer smell?

First, this is not a smell from spoiled food. The refrigerator compressor went bad and the unit has been setting empty for 1 week waiting for repair. A stale smell – like food that has been frozen for a long time – has developed. Any ideas on how to get rid of this smell after the refrigerator is repaired?

James Conley answers:

Wipe it down with some white vinegar, then rinse well.:)

Ken asks…

How to become a plumber or electrician? Other ?’s?

Seems like there is a lot of demand for (non unionized) trade jobs like plumbers, electricians, refrigerator repair, carpentry, etc, especially here in Texas where the economy is still not too bad. I have a friend who just got laid off from a job at a call center (it got outsourced) and he is looking into maybe a trade as a long term career position. He has a few hours of college credit and a high school degree and is also ex-military. How would he go about getting into a trade? Do you start making money right away as you learn? I heard that you go to school while working an apprenticeship and that you can make $12-$16 per hour just starting out, and you learn as you go. Is this accurate, and if not, what is accurate? My friend lives in the suburbs north of Dallas, Texas if that helps.

James Conley answers:

Start with trade school …………………. Go from there……………………………

Jenny asks…

What are some signs that my refrigerator is about to break down?

This old refrigerator belongs to my landlord and who know how old it is. Any way my brother thinks that it has been less cold even though we set it highest cold setting. Is there a way to know that I this refrigerator is no longer working well?

James Conley answers:

If you’ve had to adjust the temperature controls because temperatures are rising, and with no luck, then there is likely something wrong with your appliance. Are the temps rising in both the freezer and the fresh food compartments? Check for gaps in doors, make sure condenser coil at appliance bottom is relatively clean of dust and pet hair, make sure all fans are operational. Beyond that, you would likely need to have it inspected either by your landlord, or a reliable refrigerator repair service company.

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