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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Maria asks…

Is it rude to not let cable guy use bathroom?

I don’t want someone pissing all over my toilet or taking a shit. That is nasty. I’ve refused bathroom use to a phone guy and he up and left without fixing what he was suppose to do. And another time, a refrigerator repair guy wanted to take a piss and I said no you can’t. I’m wondering though do I have a right to refuse or am I obligated?

James Conley answers:

One time a friend of mine hired some movers to help her get into a bigger apartment. They smelled of alcohol the whole time and peed all over her bathroom–some of it missing the toilet! So I can understand you denying this to service people. They should use the bathroom at the McDonald’s before reporting to your house.

Carol asks…

My ice maker in my freezer wont work?

My ice maker quit working about a week ago and then my freezer quit and then the refrigerator quit. Repair man came out and replaced the main circuit board but the ice maker still hasnt produced any ice. They found the water line not hooked up when they pulled it out but they put it back and it still after 3 hours produced any ice. Any ideas?
It is a ice maker that has a on/off button no levers. Still confused.

James Conley answers:

Make sure the metal bar on the ice maker is in the DOWN position. If it is up, it will make ice, but will not dump it.

Robert asks…

Does tenant need landlor’ds permission to acquire estimates for repairs?

I know landlord’s permission is required for actual repairs. But do I need his permission just to get estimates if nothing will be taken apart or removed?

My landlord had a “friend” who is a refrigerator technician repair my fridge four months ago. Now it’s broken again. I told him I would get an estimate of repair, and he stated I should wait until he finds a technician and he wants to be here in person to see what’s going on. I’m sure he is going to choose another “friend” who will blame the damage on “me”, and I won’t have any proof that the darn thing was just old. I’ve had the fridge almost 10 years. He claims it was new when I moved in, but I know that is a lie.

James Conley answers:

He has 24 hrs to get it repaired or replaced he is also liable for the food that goes bad

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