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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

George asks…

refrigerator repair?

My refridg. is covered under my home warranty. It’s not cooling properly and I called service. I’ve always done basic cleaning on the coils but they are very picky and try to get out of paying by saying it wasn’t properly maintained. What else do I need to do besides vacuuming the coils and around the condenser fan to show it’s been maintained on a regular basis?

James Conley answers:

Use an air duster (like for a computer) and blow the deep-in dust out

Carol asks…

Refrigerator repair?

I have a Whirlpool fridge model number ET21UMXGW00. It’s leaking water inside the cabinet for the bottom fridge and it looks like is may be coming from the freezer though no water can be traced from the freezer. Any ideas on where the water could be coming from? I turned off the water supply from the cold water tap under the sink…

James Conley answers:

The freezer drain is clogged, look to see if you can see drain cup from under bottom cabinet, if yes pull drain cup towards you and clean out and place back. If not well need to remove back inside panel in freezer to unclog. Drain. Good luck.

Linda asks…

Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Seattle, WA? Anybody know a good company?

Our Sub Zero refrigerator needs to be repaired, it is not cooling so well, we have another fridge that we are using for now so we’re not worried about the food or being without a refrigerator
Please suggest a good refrigerator repair company that can repair a Sub Zero.

James Conley answers:

Emerald City Appliance Repair

1200 Westlake Ave N #1006
Seattle, WA 98109 USA

Phone Number: (206) 274-1084

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