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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Susan asks…

undercounter refrigerator door repair?

My uc refrigerator door will no longer close tightly. Thus, frost builds up quickly and it does not cool as well as it did previously. How can i fix the problem?

James Conley answers:

It may be the rubber seal on the outsides of the door is old, cracked or dried out.You can have this replaced. I’ve no idea of the expense. As far as cooling concern, your compressor gas seems to be leak due to door open slightly.

Daniel asks…

Any recommendations for refrigerator repair and service in Minneapolis/Southwest suburbs?

James Conley answers:

D & T Appliance Service in Hopkins, (952) 934-5522. Very reasonable and they actually SHOW UP ON TIME! (If you’ve ever waited for a repairman to come to your house, you know what I mean.) The guys they’ve sent out are also very helpful and will take the time to explain what’s wrong with your refrigerator.

I think they got top ranking on Angie’s List Twin Cities….

David asks…

samsung refrigerator repair?

rfg297aawp ice dispenser chute door will not completely shut, not caused by ice or frost build up

James Conley answers:

Check to see if there is a piece of ice stuck in the mechanism of the chute. By opening the door and looking inside the chute you’ll be able to manual open it to inspect inside. Using something that doesn’t peirce try to dislodge it. I believe this will fix the issue. If this is the issue. Your not having sealing issues are you? When you close the doors they suck in {watch the seal around the door after the initial closing, it should tighten as the cold air constricts within.} If not, after the ice thing is clear and it continues look into cleaning real good first,…. Sometimes helps, but the seal has a magnet and if the magnet has tired out then washing wont do the trick time for replacement. Good Luck

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