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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

Richard asks…

how do i check my refrigerator before calling repair?

lights on, but no cooling and quiet maytag msd2433he

James Conley answers:

If it is a frostless type (most are now) and the compressor is NOT running, the defrost timer could be stuck in the defrost mode. If the compressor IS running but no coldness, it could still be the defrost timer, but stuck in the refrigerate mode (but frost has collected until air can’t circulate through the heat exchanger any more because it is like a solid block of frost/ice). Usually the timer, which periodicaly sets it to defrost automatically, is right on the “ceiling” of the refrigerator in the same assembly where the temperature controls are, but sometimes it is under the bottom at the front, behind the removable panel. This timer usually has a thing that looks like a screw slot but made so you can only turn it one way. This will let you manually over-ride the motor to activate the switches. With the power ON and normal temperature settings, turn it slowly and see if you hear the compressor start up, is so, leave it a while and see if coldness is produced. If the compressor is already running but very limited coldness is being produced, open the freezer and check the vents where cold air is supposed to blow out of. See if any cold air is blowing out, also look into the vent slots with a flashlight and see if they are all plugged with frost. [Sometimes you have to remove the panels on the floor (or sometimes the back) of the freezer to see if they are plugged]. If no air or plugged with frost, it is either the circulator fan or the defrost not working. If you open it up and it looks like an iceberg, it is the defrost timer or some other part in the defrost circuit (heating element, thermal switch, etc). Sometimes, if it isn’t defrosting, it is faster to unplug, melt the ice out with a hair dryer, then fire it up again and see if coldness is being generated. Resist the temptation to start stabbing at it with a screwdriver, there are electrical connections and delicate parts embedded in the “iceberg”. If it turns out it is the defrost timer, use the manuel override to get into the refrigerate mode and it will run for a while (until it ices up again). You still need to get the replacement part though.

Ken asks…

DIY Refrigerator repair?

I would like to know how to wire a new all in one overload/ start relay on a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator.

James Conley answers:

Just wire it the same way the original was… ~

William asks…

Refrigerator Repair?

I have a four-year old Frigidaire refrigerator with a broken water dispenser. I have the replacement part but do not know how to get to the part to replace it. Can anyone help me with this?

James Conley answers:

Whats the name of the part you r replacing?

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