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Your Questions About Refrigerator Repair

James asks…

refrigerator repair?

What is the thin black liquid leaking onto my kitchen floor from under my refrigerator? Can it be repaired or must the refrigerator be replaced?

James Conley answers:

Your drip pan maybe full and what you see is the mixture of condensate and dirt.
If your refrigerator is working then do not worry.

Jenny asks…

Where is good site to get a maytag refrigerator repair manual?

Our freezer is working, but the refrigerator section is warm. Others have suggested that the fan is not blowing into the fridge section. We have unplugged the fridge overnight to thaw it out if there is any buildup. But alas, the problem persists. We suspect the fan motor is burned out. Where is the fan located in the fridge unit, and how do we get at it to replace it? Maytag site does not have our model number. It is an Admiral HMG79143. Any help is much appreciated!!
Thank you for all your answers, however, the question asking if their is a manual, not about the part. I can find the right part, but if I don’t know how to get at it, then I won’t be able to replace that part. Googling, does no good. All the sites lead to repair adds.

James Conley answers:

Is there one or two switches in the door jamb? Open the door and if there is only have one, try pressing it in and see if the light goes out and the fan turns on before you go crazy taking anything apart. If the switch is bad, when you close the door, the light will stay on and heat up the food compartment! If you have two switches, the light should go out when you press one in, and the fan should turn on when you press the other one. Make sure that is what is happening when you press them in. You may have to listen for the fan, as opposed to seeing it turn on, and you may be able to feel it blowing, if it’s working.
The switch is a lot cheaper than the fan motor, and is also easier to replace, if you are doing the repair yourself.
Make sure that you write down the model and serial numbers before you call the parts store, so that you have the proper info when they ask for it. And you can also ask them for tips on how to replace each of those parts when you are talking to them, either in person when you pick the part up, or on the phone when you order it.
Good luck, hope it’s a cheap repair, car dude.

Mark asks…

Anyone know anything about refrigerator repair?

Kenmore side by side and the middle pillar plate feels hot to touch. No light bulbs near it. the rest of the frig is normal to touch. Constant heat, not cycling like a defroster. Any clue?

James Conley answers:

It sounds like the timer for the defrosting heat element could be malfunctioning. The only other thing that could produce any heat would be the compressor and that is located at the bottom of the refrigerator outside the cabinet, so that can’t be the source of heat.

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