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Your Questions About Oven Repairman

Ken asks…

How long does your gas oven take to get to 350 F degrees? Mine takes 25 minutes.?

Oven is less than 5 years old and the door seals are good. Takes oven about 3 minutes to light with electric pilot. 450 Degrees takes 35 minutes. I think I have some kind of gas pressure or flow problem. Or some type of mixture problem. My other gas appliances work fine. My Themostat and temperature are accurate I checked them with a electronic lab thermometer. Any help would be appreciated.

James Conley answers:

Mine gets so hot so quick that I put the biscuits in as soon as I preheat it and by the time the preheat light goes off, my biscuits have only about one minute remaining!!

You need a repairman to check out ur prob. Gas ain’t nothin to play with no matter where it is coming from.

Chris asks…

Glass oven door sweating, any way to repair?

I have a Kenmore Elite Model 665, I’m currently trying to sell my home and the home inspector said that the oven door sweated during pre-heat indicating that the seal was bad….I’ve never noticed this nor heard of it…any solutions?

James Conley answers:

Get an oven repairman in there to replace the seal. It happens all the time.

Paul asks…

My Auto clean oven burned the top of my oven?

I have have a whirlpool oven and when I turned the auto clean on today I was watching it and all of a sudden it got really hot and the back of the oven began to burn. I turned it off and the part with the knobs and the clock now have a burned color to it. What could be wrong? It could have caught the whole oven on fire if I wouldn’t have turned it off. Has this happened to anyone else?

James Conley answers:

Not possible if the oven is working correctly.
You may have had a “runaway” oven that heated up way past the safe level.
Call Whirlpool’s toll free number. There may be a secret recall on the product. Whirlpool is sleazy enough to just repair units that people complain about.
Repeat. CALL WHIRLPOOL. NOT your local repairman. Have the model and serial handy.

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