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Your Questions About Oven Repairman

George asks…

The lock to my oven is jammed…any ideas on how to open it without having to call a service guy?

Its the lock that you use when you have a self – cleaning oven on clean. I tried to force the lock back open and I’ve jammed it. HELP!
It’s the lock that you use when you have a self cleaning oven on…I didn’t let the oven completely cool, and I tried to force it and now the mechanism is jammed. The oven is now completely cool, but the lock is still engaged.

James Conley answers:

In this case impatience is costly. You need to call the repairman. You have damaged the mechanism and need a professional to straighten it out.

Thomas asks…

How do I get inside an ANTIQUE 1948 Wedgewood oven wall to replace a broken spring?

This is an ANTIQUE stove. The door does NOT lift off the hinges. A diagram of what screws to remove would be helpful. Nobody seems to have any printed information on old Wedgewood stoves. We are in our 70’s and need our oven for Thanksgiving!

James Conley answers:

I know of one repairman here in the Bay Area who repairs Wedgewoods.
I sincerely hope that he, or someone like him will give you some help.
But, if they don’t, I may have a helpful, if not elegant solution.
I once went to a clients’ house, and the oven door was held closed by a clever arrangement of a large “s-hook” and a screen door spring.
It was functional.

Betty asks…

a technician fixed my oven and the day after it was still not working. is this kind of work guaranteed?

i live in alberta and this guy came this week. he changed a piece of my oven. the day after, the same problem was back. i have called him to say that he needs to come back and that i am not going to pay again. he just hung up the phone. what can i do?

James Conley answers:

Obviously this guy doesn’t know what he is doing… If you have paid him for the last work that he performed (hopefully with a check) I would stop payment on the check and tell him that he needs to return turn to remove the part he installed, then I would call another service tech to fix your stove… Make sure the stove works before paying the next repairman…

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