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Your Questions About Oven Repair

Ruth asks…

Both elements of my oven broke at the same time. Is it worth it having my oven repaired?

Both elements are not longer working. It might be an electric wire problem. Would it be worth it having the oven repaired or should I buy a new one? My oven is 6 years old already.

James Conley answers:

Often when both elements go out at the same time it is either a simple wire broken or a control problem, if it is just a broken wire then repairing it is the way to go.

On some ovens there is a common wire that connects to both elements and if that wire breaks both will not work.

On the other hand if the control is bad both elements may not work and that is a major repair.

Also some ovens have a thermostat that will cut off both elements when it overheats. If that thermostat is bad you will get this problem however most ovens do not have this thermostat.

James asks…

What company will replace an oven’s heating element?

My heating element broke in my oven and I need it replaced. What type of company will do that? Am I finding an electrician or some type of special oven repair service?

James Conley answers:

My husband pulled the element out of the oven and replaced it.
Places like Lowe’s, Sears, Ace Hardware and Wal Mart have the elements.
Ace is the place because they have cheaper ones.

Sharon asks…

How do I know if my oven needs repair?

Before I buy another oven or call a repair man, how do you know if your oven is broken? When I try to cook things it takes a really long time for it to get done, like cake for instance. The element still gets bright red, but I don’t have a thermometer above 200 to see if it’s getting up to temperature. Is it possible for the elements to go bad but still get red hot?

James Conley answers:

You can buy an over thermometer.

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