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Your Questions About Oven Repair Service

Sandy asks…

I think my pilot light is out in my oven, can you help me?

I have a gas oven that lights from the bottom. A bunch of water spilled into when it was on and it hasn’t worked since. Any suggestions? Thanks!

James Conley answers:

Greg is right, that you have to relight the pilot.
Pixie is right to point out to fix it asap and be very care full with a flame and gas close to each other.
But it is not necessary that the gas is a constant feed. That depends on the type of pilot you have in your oven.
To understand better about your pilot look at:
that tells you:

On some ranges, there is an automatic shutoff valve located in the pilot assembly that shuts off the gas to the burner any time the pilot and the burner are both off. If this unit malfunctions, don’t try to fix it yourself; you should call a professional service person for repair or replacement.

There are different types of pilots in ovens.
The best thing to do is to find a manual of your oven and find out what type of pilot it has and how to activate it AND where it is placed and how you can get to it.

Then in general. When working with gas ALWAYS
1] start with closing all valves of the gas supply lines
2] ventilate the place = open all windows and doors
3] wait 15 minutes [No do not light a cigarette]
4] After 15 minutes take a bottle with soap
5] Open the valves and start with pouring a little bit of soap on all the places where gas can come out. If there is gas you get small bubbles.

Now when gas is coming out the pilot, then it a question of relighting it.
But often there is some sort of safety in the pilot that works on the heat that comes from the pilot.
When the pilot stops working then you cannot relight it easily. I use a small waxine candle light it [in the ventilated room and all the valves shut off] place that under the pilot and then open the valves. It takes a while and then the pilot comes back on and you take the candle away.

If you are not sure. DO NOT TRY IT.

Mandy asks…

My oven has broke help the grill is still working just the oven its a whirlpool one in a new barrat home?

The electricity tripped and now my oven isnt working the grill is fine but no heat what so ever being released when oven is on..

any ideas what it could be thanks xx

James Conley answers:

Make sure the oven timer is set to manual and not automatic.
Failing rthat the oven element could be gone,get in touch with sales lady and ask her to get in touch with customer services who will arrange for a engineer to come out and eithe replace or repair.(it might be me).Believe appliances are guaranteed for 2 years by Barrats.

Donald asks…

Where to repair a National microwave oven in Malaysia?

I have a National microwave oven which its “Start” button isn’t working. Everything else is fine, but where can I bring it to be repaired? I’ve been using for years and it is still in very good condition, besides I have no means to buy another.

James Conley answers:

Send it back to the shop where you bought the microwave oven. Sometimes they do provide the repairing services. Some even would send the appliances to the service center for repairing.

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