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Your Questions About Oven Repair Service

Lisa asks…

my husband broke the self clean oven lock in our apartment?

do you think they’ll fix it, since we broke it, it still works its just we have to use a chopstick to unlock the oven door each time we get our food out. Should i call for repair service through another company on my own, but if i do that will they even fix it for me because it’s an apartment?

James Conley answers:

I lived in 13 apartments(ive moved a lot in my life) and they all would of fixed it, but if they dont then you just will call your own,

i would ask and then call another if they so no(this way their is a chance it will be free)

dont forget you have a deposit for a reason

Chris asks…

Is it worth it to repair our microwave oven?

We have a 7 year old, above the range GE microwave oven. By the sounds it is making, we suspect the Magnetron is going out again. It did the same thing when it was about 2 years old. Should we repair it again or toss it?
This is an over the range oven which is generally much more expensive than the counter top variety – otherwise I would have tossed it long ago.

James Conley answers:

Over head microwaves are much more expensive then the conventional counter top models. But, two magnetron’s equals a new unit when you factor in a service call. If you can change it out yourself, you can save money. Just beware, the capacitors in it can kill you. If you don’t understand what I mean by that , call a professional. Sounds like a design flaw.

Steven asks…

where can I buy silica rope or silica wick?

I need silica rope either or is fine. Where can I find it locally in Canada? I know it’s used in oven doors. I however don’t have spare oven just lying around to forage it out of.

James Conley answers:

Check out places that carry fireplace doors and equipment. I don’t remember the correct word they use for it but it is a type of weatherstripping that goes around oven doors and fireplace doors. True Value Hardware used to sell it by the foot when I worked there. It came in different diameters also. Look for stove and fireplace repair parts. Maybe “Fireside Accents” might have them. That was one of our fireplace tool suppliers. Also you can go to “Fireplace” and leave them an e-mail asking them if they know of a place that sells any repair parts and tell them what you are looking for. Their real nice there and always sends back a answer to any question I ask them. Another place you can do some research for it would be Sears Service and I have gotten repair parts for my stove there before. Good Luck to you, Oh and I think they call it Stove Gasket!!!! Yea I remembered the name 🙂

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