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Your Questions About Oven Repair Service

Joseph asks…

Where can I find out how to repair my oven door?


The oven door of my Britannia cooker is faulty – the hinges have unhinged and I can’t get it back again.
Britannia cannot advise how to repair and wonder if there is a good website anyone can recommend that shows how to repair ovens?

James Conley answers:

Please contact
Britannia Living Ltd.
Britannia House,
281 Bristol Avenue,
Telephone – 01253 471111
Fax – 01253 471136
Or e-mail their customer service for friendly advice
Good luck.

Susan asks…

what are oven bake elements made out of?

We have a Kenmore electric oven and the oven bake element exploded recently and left a yellowish residue inside the over. We cleaned it out as best we could but there is still a little residue left over. Is it safe to restart the over while a little of this residue is left over? is it toxic? What is a bake element made out of and what would this powder be?


James Conley answers:

It’s made of an alloy of tungsten and steel.
Tungsten has the property of not conducting
electricity without considerable resistance.
When this resistance is overcome, the metal
gets hot. A thin strip will glow from the heat,
which you can see in a toaster.

If your oven element is broken, from over heating or
something bumping against it, then the electrical
circuit will be broken and it will no longer work.
If this is the cast, do not try to reconnect it. Have
an appliance repair service replace it.
If the oven fails to heat when turned on, turn the
oven back OFF and call for service.

I don’t think the residue is toxic.

Betty asks…

Power outage. Amana Big oven range came back on with an unresetable digital control indicating?

F-1 which means control problem in digital control.. It will not reset by shutting off power for a few minutes. The clock, timer and oven will not work. The top burners will work.

Do I need to call a service person or is there a way to overcome?

James Conley answers:

Try this site:Repair clinic they have a good troubleshooting and diagram page that might help. If not you can call their 800# and speak to the repair man its a free service.He might can help you solve your problem.

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