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Your Questions About Oven Repair Parts

Sandy asks…

What do you think is wrong with my Kenmore stove?

My stove (oven part) won’t turn off. So I have to unplug it. Also it smells like it is self cleaning and it is really hot when I do plug it in. It’s not turned on to the self cleaning mode…but it seems to be stuck in that mode. Is it worth getting it fixed or is there a simple fix? It’s a Kenmore glass top stove about 4 years old.
I definitely will keep it unplugged, but I just wonder if there is a way to get it out of self cleaning mode.

James Conley answers:

Please!, leave it unplugged and call the appliance repair contractor of your choice. You have a fire hazzard there! If your range is only 4 years old, it’s worth repair. Had you said that it was 10… Another story.

Linda asks…

Where can I buy repair parts for my Presto pizza oven?

I have checked the internet search engines and no solid answers. I am redirected one way and then end up in a porn section or something totally off base. Most parts companies demand part number and model # of part. That is the problem, the thermal unit switch is burnt (it is like a circuit breaker,reset switch). Parts companies seem to be all computerize and can deal with a part description with out a number. I would appreciate some help. I even tried the Presto company and got redirected.

James Conley answers:

You are in luck. Presto does not make the thermal breaker. They buy the component from an outside supplier.

The breaker will have markings on it as to how many amps in maintains. Search say, “thermal breaker 15A” you will get to places like this:

I bet you will find it for less then Presto would charge you for it.

Good Luck!

Betty asks…

How to write a perfect government grant proposal?

I need to update my 56 year old home. My kitchen has stove and ovens that can not be repaired because no parts are available.I am retired on a fixed income. My vehicle has 226,000 miles on it and need to go green for better gas mileage.

James Conley answers:

The question should not be how to write the perfect grant proposal, but how to find a grant you qualify for. Because contrary to popular belief the government just doesn’t give out cash to individuals who want to fix up their house, repair their car or put on a new roof.

Fixed income or no, anything you find is a scam and will want you to pay money for FREE GRANT information. It is not real… I repeat it is NOT real. The only government grant available directly to individuals is called the PELL grant and it is actually for poor college students, and even then, it doesn’t go to the individual, but to their school.

Your best bet is to save money and visit Lowe’s or Home Depot when you have enough saved. It will be faster than looking for a grant opportunity that does not exist.

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