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Maria asks…

hp g62 motherboard and not powering up unless battery removed?

Hi this will sound odd and confusing , my hp g62 laptop stopped working so I shoved it in the oven for 5 Min’s , brought it back but still no picture on screen . I put it on external display and works fine , but here is the odd bit to start it I have to remove battery and power adapter for 5 Min’s and when I insert the cable it starts by itself , power button doesn’t work , I have tried 2 different ones with same result , when I shut it down I cant restart for 5 Min’s and the charger light on side of laptop just flashes orange or stays orange some times the caps will flash . But once I get it working its fine and fast , I have reseated the ram cant do the power button test as that’s the main fault which confuses me the most so please people why is my laptop turning on from my dc jack , I can and will learn to solder the motherboard if fault is found

thanks for reading

James Conley answers:

Hello, HP support Forum this site will help with your problem or problems, and information that you may need…
F-11. This will take you to a HP support window, click system recovery. It will take some time to complete…

This site is very good for computer…
Http://… and click CHECK NOW it will do a lot of repair for you and you just wait for it to finish…

Creating Recovery Discs and or repair disk, Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive in(Windows 7). Just go to back and you can do it there.

Call hp pre-sales support @ 800-752-0900
Call technical phone support @ 800-474-6836.

Wire less printers Hi,

Pleae download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor utility which should resolve most of
printing issues.


Hey, I enjoyed your question, I have worked as a technician most of my life, I hope I have helped you…
Good luck…

CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Professional

Joseph asks…

What welder do I need?

I’m an artist, and a bit of a doityourselfer when it comes to alot of home repairs or projects. And I’d like to buy a welding machine. But, while I have used one before, I know very little about the different kinds and what they’re used for. Basically, I need something that can make a clean cut through sheet or plate metal, and could melt two things together so they’re sturdy enough to stay put. Would I want an Arc Welder? A stick welder? Its a lot more complicated than I thought it would be… So help a beginner out. (also, as another question, aside from a mask, gloves, and jacket, what other safety equipment would I want? And what should I weld on, as a surface to place what I’m welding, I figure my normal workbench wouldn’t really work, I think it would just catch on fire.)

James Conley answers:

A Cracker-box welding Machine… Http://

and Oxygen/ acetylene Torch… Http://
but with this torch.. Http://

Plasma cutter,… Is not necessary.. Expensive

If you’re making numerous straight cuts maybe a metal,..Chop saw.

Chris asks…

I’m getting an F2 Error on my Whirlpool gas stove?

I have a Whirlpool SF114PXSQ2 single oven gas range that’s about 2 years old. Recently when we’ve tried to turn it on, it will heat up but then start beeping loudly and the words “F2 Error” will flash on the display. The only thing that will get the F2 error to stop is to unplug the stove (which is really inconvenient). I’m a pretty good handyman, and would like to take a crack at fixing whatever circuit problem is happening. If anyone has any advice, it would be appreciated!

James Conley answers:

Here’s an article on how to test and possibly reset your error code. Keypad or control board problem, but this helps you determine which it is:

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