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Your Questions About Oven Repair Forum

Mary asks…

What is my oven doing?

I have a Jenn Air oven that is used…I would say that it is about 10 years old. It keeps beeping at me and flashing -F1-……and it just keeps doing this periodically. I don’t have a manual or anything to tell me what to do. Does anyone know?

James Conley answers:

According to a couple of forums I googled it is either the electronic control or the touch pad.
You should probably contact a repair tech with that info.

Joseph asks…

kemore electric oven wont heat but has th lock door light blinking, whatdi do wrong?

My kenmore oven will not heat or pre-heat or whatever you all it, when I turn it to a specific degree, the light to te”lock door” will start blinking. But when I turn the oven on to “clean,it will start to heat up.

James Conley answers:

Try turning off the fuse and the back on. It may reset.
If not try this site. They have a question forum, parts at discount and repair videos.
I have fixed a washer and a gas oven using their advice.

William asks…

my magic chef oven stop lighting?

my oven stop lighting we try many things like lighting with a lighter banning on the thing that turns red,and noting happen can some one help me. ny

James Conley answers:

Here’s three repair sites with links to your oven and its lighting problem, hope one of them helps fix the issue..

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