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Your Questions About Oven Repair Cost

John asks…

Ariston oven already trip my circuit breaker. How to settle it without call service people?

I just bought a 5-years-old unit from a young couple (I believe they seldom cooked at home. The built-in oven is Ariston. When I use it, the first 10 mins is ok, afterthen, it trip my circuit breaker. I have tried twice, both same. I searched internet, found someone had same problem and called service people came down to repair, cost them S$220!!! Too expensive!!! Is there anyway to settle it without call service people???

James Conley answers:

Go to a parts and/or a repair depot and purchase a lower wattage element that will fit your appliance.

Sandra asks…

I have a Bosch electric oven it does not heat up and the internal light does not come on anyone know how much?

a repair would cost? UK, London.
Thanks, will check prices for elements

Oh also the clock works so not the fuse.cheers

James Conley answers:

I Agree with the first answer.
New light bulb, but don’t buy cheap go to neff and buy original as the cheap ones won’t connect properly and we have had them blow timers.

Elements readily available from Bosch Neff £37-£43. Buy original they will last longer.

One problem with neff. Bosch and siemens ovens is that when they get older the fan motor gets weaker and hence elements failing quicker and quicker each time.

My company charges a fixed fee of £83.50 for replacement of element. Some people more but not many less unless fitting non original parts

richard saupe
bosch appliance repair dot co dot uk

Paul asks…

How much would iPad repair cost?

I put my iPad in the microwave oven, turned it on, and after only 2 seconds, the screen totally blacked out. I stopped the microwave, and the iPad was no longer working at all, and I couldn’t get it to turn back on. What do you think is wrong with the iPad? How much do you think a repair would cost?

James Conley answers:

You’d be lucky if it’s repairable. A new screen is definitely required, which isn’t going to be cheap. Then there’s the unknown damage done to the sensitive components inside. Even the battery could be permanently damaged.

Your best bet would be to take it somewhere where they’ll give you a quote for free.
Beware, if you tell them you microwaved it, they’d probably not touch it with a bargepole.

Sorry it’s not the answer you’d hope for.


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