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Your Questions About Oven Repair Cost

George asks…

What’s wrong with my frigidaire gas oven?

I just tried cooking a pizza. I preheated it for 425, did not even wait for it to become heated all the way, and put in a pizza for 9 minutes. After 9 minutes the top was charred and the bottom was barely cooked. I think it may be the fan? Someone told me it may be my elements but I think this only applies to electric ovens. This has never happened before. Anyone had this experience and know how much it’ll cost to repair? My oven is only 2.5 years old.

James Conley answers:

I dont know how long it should take to cook a pizza, but I suppose it depends on how thin and crappy it is, but if thats not it - has a good rundown on

Steven asks…

Is it worth taking a breadmaker machine in to be repaired?

The paddle on my breadmaker machine is leaking silicone grease (or whatever that sticky gross black stuff is.) Is this kind of thing repairable? If so, where should I take it? How much would it cost?

Thanks for your input.
Can’t afford to buy a new one, and I don’t trust things that have been donated to Salvation Army/ Goodwill, etc. Need to repair it, or live without homemade bread.

James Conley answers:

No I would reccommend a heavy duty Stand mixer

It will last longer and be more versitile. The bread machines are more limiting. A properly kneaded bread dough and a functional oven are way easier and allow more variety.

Check out

Jenny asks…

My fan oven is not getting hot?

I have a Neff fan oven which is built into my kitchen, its about eight or nine years old, I think. The fan is still working but it is stone cold, no heat at all. I could REALLY do without this just before Christmas! Can anyone give me an idea of roughly how much it might cost to repair, and how easy it is likely to be to repair? I know I will have to call a professional to be sure, but I want to save myself the call out charge if its not likely to be repairable. Any helpful advice much appreciated.

James Conley answers:

Turn the oven off at the mains, get a torch and a screwdriver or two.

Take out the shelves, see if you can remove the cover from in front of the fan. (2/3 screws holding it usually).

Then you can usually see the element (a grey ring about 8-9 inches in diameter). There’s usually another screw holding it in place. Loosen the screws, pull out the element and disconnect it (push-on connectors). Get a new element same size & spec and fit it, reversing the steps.

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