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Your Questions About Oven Repair Cost

Sandy asks…

What is easy to have a gas or electric oven?

which one is more convienent to have, costs, repairs and what not?

James Conley answers:

That depends where you live, and what the costs are there. Different states have different prices for such things, and also it differs b/c of the terrain they live in. Now I would normally say electric, but that means you’re screwed when the powers’ out. Gas stoves are great b/c they heat up faster, but they are more work-in the you must make sure that you yurn them off completely or you could have some serious gas problems/leaks.

Susan asks…

I live in a rented home and my landlord refuses to fix the oven?

I live in a rented townhouse. I’ve been living there for awhile and we never asked our landlord for anything til now. The oven broke and we asked him to fix it, but he refused. What do I do? Our family doesn’t have the extra cash to fix the oven. I also thought it was the landlord’s responsibility.

James Conley answers:

This is going to depend on your state. The process for “forcing” a landlord to make repairs is slightly different in every state, but most require things like providing written notice, waiting an appropriate amount of time, possibly even obtaining a court order and paying rent into an escrow account. Very few states allow you to deduct the cost of fixing/replacing the oven from rent.

Google your state’s landlord/tenant laws. You can also call your local health department and see if this is a violation for your state. Some states only require a single burner to be working; your state may deem a rental unit uninhabitable if it doesn’t have a stove.

George asks…

How much might it cost to have large house cleaned?

We inherited a house recently, but it is very very dirty, with ants crawling around, etc. It probably needs to be fumigated as well as cleaned. It is a 4 bedroom house with 2 baths and a couple of other rooms in fairly rundown section of town.

(It needs some repair work and painting eventually but that isn’t our immediate concern)

James Conley answers:

I would probably charge around $275.00. More if walls needed to be cleaned also. More too for the basement. $50.00+ more if the oven needs to be done.

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