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Your Questions About Oven Repair

John asks…

Does anyone know if I can get a Duel Fuel oven repaired?

I have tried a couple of Oven Repairers in Dublin but am told I need a specialist Gas Engineer for this job. I’ve looked on line but can’t find any company that can help.

I’m based in Dublin West.

Any ideas on this one? Many people have Duel Fuel – Do I need a whole new oven?

James Conley answers:

Hi, have a look in your phone book,see if you are able to see a “corgi”registered engineer,if you can,
phone him up he should be able to help you…

James asks…

Is it safe to open up a microwave oven to repair simple issues?

I need to replace the power switch, the timer, etc. all the panel stuff on an old microwave oven, yet I’m worried about the magnetron and if theres any capacitors that could discharge on me, so I’d like to know before I even open it.

Any advices?, thanks.
a) theres a capacitor = deadly if you discharge it with your body

b) radiation from a microwave oven will BURN your skin, wont cause you cancer you retard

James Conley answers:

I assume you are going to do this with the microwave unplugged 🙂 I think you will find there are no residual voltages in a microwave oven. There’s a description of a typical circuit and some good reading in the sources.

William asks…

Although we use only the top rack our oven burns the bottom of everything, but undercooks the rest Please help

Although we use only the top rack of our dorm oven, it burns the bottom of everything we prepare in it. Strangely enough, however, the rest of the dish is undercooked. To our disappointment, placing ice water into an equally large pan beneath that on the top rack doesn’t help–not much, anyway. (Maybe every so often we could replenish the ice water?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

James Conley answers:

Make sure the oven is clean and preheated before you begin cooking. If you begin the cooking time from a cold oven instead of a preheated one, or if the oven is dirty, uneven cooking may result.

Also, the oven temperature may be incorrect. This problem is pretty common with some older ovens. I recommend you buy and install a separate oven thermometer which will help you get an accurate temp.

Why cook only on the top rack? That isn’t recommended. Perhaps if you used the center rack you’d get better results.

Or maybe you could try lowering the heat setting on the oven and cooking things more slowly, to encourage more even cooking.

Personally, I find that it isn’t easy to get evenly cooked food with some cheaper electric ovens if I use any temperature above 350F.

If you are pretty sure this is caused by an oven malfunction, for instance if the top element is not heating and therefore not cooking the top side of foods, then perhaps you could repair or replace the oven. Repairing it is MUCH cheaper than replacing it.

Or just don’t use it until it can be repaired/replaced. Ovens aren’t necessary for survival. Due to the high energy cost of running an oven, I seldom use mine, especially in summer!

I cook roasts in a slow-cooker (crockpot). I cook steaks outside on a grill, or if it’s rainy, inside on a George Foreman grill.

I don’t bake things at home, since most baked goods contain sugar and/or white flour, and are bad for me and my family anyway.

If my hubby gets a craving for bread, I buy it from a grocer or I make steamed bread with my wok… Or I make whole wheat pitas or naan breads, with a skillet on the stovetop.
See this site for more info on stovetop pitas:

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