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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair

Paul asks…

My washing machine wont spin all of the water out at the final spin cycle.?

A couple of weeks ago I called a Maytag repair man because my dryer went out. It cost me $65.00 for him to tell me I needed a new dryer. I dont want to spend $65 again to find out I need a new washer. Does this sound like a serious problem or a minor problem?

James Conley answers:

Maytag dryer repair can be expensive, but service from a professional company can keep the process affordable and stress-free. We recommend you get in touch with a local repair company – ours is based in Brooklyn, NY, but we offer advice to homeowners across the country. You’ll probably be able to find a company that will offer you a free consultation. You may discover that replacing the dryer is actually the most cost-effective option. However you proceed, you can visit for tips on how to keep your appliances in working order, or stop by to reach us with any questions!

Lisa asks…

Why did my appliance repair guy cut all of the wires to the motor then charge me $200?

I have a Maytag washing machine Model # lat9406aae. Last month it started doing this thing where it filled with water just fine, but then instead of starting agitation, it would just make a quiet buzzing noise. It would start if you tried a few times, but eventually stopped completely & would only buzz then the breaker would click off. My mother had it repaired by her “trustworthy appliance guy she has always used”. But he sent a new employee. I work a lot, so I don’t know what this person did, only that it cost $200. It was working for 1 week, then same series of problems & broke again. Appliance repair person returned, and claimed it is a different problem and we need another $200 part. My Mom is a nice person, but has always had “Sucker” tattooed on her forehead.

I took the front of the washer off & found ALL of the wires to the motor cut. Every single one! How did it work for a week & what did this SOB do?

Intelligent answers greatly appreciated! Please don’t bother if you have no idea and just want yahoo points.

More info – the timer (in the back/top of the machine) is ticking away quietly when I turn it on. I read on one website a guy had the exact same malfunction & he needed a new motor.

Also I should mention that all of the wires have been cut in the past & clipped back together with the help of wire strippers & little metal clips. There are fresh cuts in all the wires & some clips at the end of a few. Also a bunch of clips & wire bits on the floor of the machine.

I guess my question is – is there a scheme that any repair person knows that sounds like this? I suspect something was re-clipped & popped loose again during the week, with no parts actually replaced. Thanks again for all your thoughtful answers.

James Conley answers:

You took the front off and found ALL of the wires cut to the motor. Have you ever had the front off before? How do you know this was done by the appliance guy (and not in the factory)? Just a question.

Now, your washer does a bunch of different things…fill, agitate,rotate, drain, spin dry, drain a.. At set times. There is one central timer for this doing each of these things when needed.

So the wires cut do not go to the motor, but to many of these other functions so you got the basic machine without the extras. The machine still worked because the wire to the agitator motor is not cut (basically to give the “timer” a longer life. Cutting wires is nothing because they are easily reconnected again.
Possibly done to give you some machine ( as timers are many and various – say 200 different models or more so the appliance repair guy is not carrying it in his pocket)
. Visits by the Appliance Repair man are NOT CHEAP. (Doctors and Dentists and Lawyers fear them.) Which is why many people take it to the shop to be fixed instead of a house call.

I already know what is broken, the appliance guy did too. The timer is malfunctioning. But they need to see the actual part to get the same part, or one that has the same wiring as the original..
Timers range in price from $100 up. That is the actual part.

If anything it was basically “hotwired” so it would work for a while longer. But the timer was dying.

So, the part is $200 plus the appliance man coming to your home is at least $150. So figure with it.

Ruth asks…

How do I convert my Maytag DWC824DAAW portable dishwasher to a built in?

The Maytag website does not list our model so we can get a manual. We know we have to take off the top, side3s, and wheels, but do we need a kit? Anyone have a manual?

James Conley answers:

Call the Maytag Man(No Just Kidding)
Call your Utilities repair man. Like, MDU man,He goes around &checks all appliances on your srv. Plan if ya got that. Even so they should be able to provide some info to get ya started.

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