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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair Parts

Nancy asks…

The timer on my maytag #ewu384 dishwasher doesn’t advance. Is it the timer, the timer motor or something else?

James Conley answers:

Just replace the entire timer. Usually its sold as only 1 piece and can not be taken apart. Check parts sites. Or call a appliance repair guy.

~~link to parts for your model dishwasher

~the timer

PCB(worst case only, consult repair guy before replacing to be sure its the circuit board or just the timer)

Carol asks…

My gas dryer timer isn’t advancing and it doesn’t heat up?

The timer doesn’t advance and the dryer never heats up no matter what cycle setting I use. What can I do to repair it myself since i’m on a tight budget?

James Conley answers:

Likely the clock capsule has died – and given that most modern dryers have complete control units such that you cannot replace just the clock, you will have to purchase the entire control.

However, there is a thermal switch (AKA Thermal Fuse) in the system that may be blown. If this is the case, it may also cut the circuit to the timer – not uncommon on some brands. It will certainly cut the circuit to the gas valve.

You will need a VOM to test the switch – if it is open, you will have to replace it. If that cures the problem you are all set. If it is OK, then you may have to replace the control itself – not all that cheap depending on the make and model.

I linked to Maytag generic parts below – but every non-electronic gas dryer has similar controls often from the same makers. And you will have to take the dryer substantially apart to get to everything – if you are not prepared to do that, find someone who is experienced with appliances to help you. It is not rocket-science by any means but it can be a bit persnickety getting it apart and back together safely and without damage. And you are also working with gas – with all the issues thereto.

Good luck with it.

Joseph asks…

I am also looking to buy a front load washer and dryer.?

They are yellow and white. I love them. The sale price is $1498.00 for the set. They are not the small ones, they are a fair size. Does anyone have a set of Bosch appliances? And how do they compare to While Pool. That was my second choice. White and $1098.00.
Please…..any help would be appreciated.

James Conley answers:

Bosch is a good brand. Have a service contract on my appliances and the repairmen sing the praises of Whirlpool. Easiest to get parts and repair. My washer also nearing the end of it’s lifespan and they advise against the front loaders. The regular top loader with the spindle is the best. Less electronics you have on it the better. Those control panels are the biggest issue.
Not a single Whirlpool appliance currently in my house. The Bosch dishwasher is 7 yrs old and now has a new control panel and awaiting a new pump motor. Maytag ceramic top stove had two major repairs the first year. Kenmore fridge ~ 30yrs old and never a problem. Frigidaire washer (front loader) now 12yrs old and it has issues. Repairman say those brands aren’t what they were. All these brands owned by just a couple of conglomerates but it seems to all be in the engineering designs of the models. Again, repairmen salute Whirlpool.

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