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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair Parts

Maria asks…

Maytag portable dishwasher won’t drain completely?

We got a Maytag Portable Dishwasher from a friend of my husbands, and it washes awesome, works great, but when it drains after its totally finished, it doesn’t do it completely. There’s always about a half gallon of water left in the bottom of the machine.

What could be causing that?

James Conley answers:

The pump is not pumping it out all the way. How old is the unit. If it is over 5 years then it could be wearing out. Go to and look up the drain pump. You can order it from sears or you can call around to your local appliance parts stores and get it there. If you don’t feel you can replace it then call to an appliance repair shop.

James asks…

appliance (dishwawsher) repair question?

I need to get my 3 year old Maytag dishwasher repaired. The latch that keeps it closed is broken. Am I better off – i.e. cheaper, faster, better – calling Maytag, the local dealer where I bought it or looking for an independant appliance repair service myself?

James Conley answers:

Applianceguys got it nailed…..Not a DIY project. If it only needs the handle…… Not so expensive, but on a few I have run into a part of the front control panel that supports the handle might break off & then you need the expensive front control panel & the handle………only 3 years old so it should be just the handle. Call in the pros! It will be worth it on this one.

Laura asks…

how do I remove igniter from my maytag gas oven, md #crg7500 aaw?

oven wont heat up, bad igniter- maytag oven, how do I remove old igniter, remove from back of oven ? or front thanks

James Conley answers:

I just finished the install about 10 minutes ago. I’m not a repair guy, but I used this site:

I ordered the part here:

It came with some instructions, but they weren’t that helpful for me. The bottom of the oven lifted out pretty easily. There were two latches on the back that were holding it in place. No tools necessary yet.

When the panel comes out, you’ll see the existing ignitor. I disconnected it using a phillips head screwdriver with the two screws that attached the ignitor to the bracket.

I did have to pull the oven from the wall to get to the electrical connection on the back. The wires from the ignitor snapped into a plug on the back side of the oven. Very easy once you get the oven away from the wall, and realize from the gunk under the oven you should really pull the oven out more often!

Once you unplug the old one, it will pull out of the oven. Then getting the new plug back through the hole took some finesse, but it wasn’t hard.

Overall a very easy fix, and so much cheaper than a repair man. Cleaning the mess under the oven was the hardest part.

Take care!

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