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Your Questions About Maytag Appliance Repair Parts

John asks…

should we keep our 20 something maytag top loader or replace it with a new front loader?

James Conley answers:

If its still working well, keep it for now. I had a repairman come and do maintainence check on my 14 year old Whirlpool W/D and told him I planned to get a front loader when I build my new house in 2 more years. He told me to just get a large capacity top loader because the parts in a front loader are easily damaged by loose things that may fall out of clothes pockets or if stuffing comes out of a bedspread. My mom’s front loader had to be repaired 3 times in 2 years because when my sisters and I would all go home to visit and be doing laundry, in variably one of our husbands or the kids will have left coins in a pocket and they got in the spin mechanism under the tub. Fortunately, my dad knows how to fix them. THe repairman said that the problem is compounded by the fact that front loader parts are more expensive and also since more people own top loaders than front loaders, the parts aren’t kept in stock by the shop, so when he has to replace them, he has to order them and it can be a week or more before he gets the part to bring back and install.
My washer will need a new transmission before too long, but will hopefully hold up until I get my house built and buy new appliances. I’m going to go ahead and get a front loader then because I have a large family and I need to knock out more laundry per load run than a top loader will fit. I’m hoping that if I get one that is high quality and I keep on top of my family’s pockets, I won’t have to replace any parts for a long time.

Maria asks…

Shopping for refrigerator?

We’re looking at buying a ‘fridge with french doors and a bottom freezer. Does anyone have a brand they would recommend, or at least brands to avoid? We’ve had Maytag appliances, but we have not been happy with any of them.

James Conley answers:

Since 1966 I have bought all and only Kenmore large applian ces. They “wear like iron”. They rarely need repair if properly used and maintained, but if they do, Sears sends repairman (even here in the boon docks) in 24-48 hours.
If anyone in family is “do it yourself” type, parts are easy to order and ship quickly

Sandy asks…

Is my gas clothes dryer finished?

My 25yr old gas clothes dryer is acting strangely. When first started the igniter glows orange, the gas is introduced, ignites then shuts off after about 1 minute as usual. On subsequent ignitions during the same drying cycle the igniter glows but the gas fails to be introduced to ignite, the igniter then goes out after a few seconds. The clothes obviously never dry. Do you think a repair is easy, cheap and worth it?

James Conley answers:

I’m going to take a guess that one of the solenoids on the gas valve (probably the primary) is failing. You can buy a gas solenoid kit from any reputable appliance parts store, that includes all three solenoids and the cheapest one is the Maytag kit. You have to be very careful when you change the solenoids that you wire it EXACTLY as the wires come out of the solenoid. Colour is imaterial….it is the way the wires come out of the solenoids. As the ignitor is lighting, I’m going to discount the fact that it might be failing. It is not like the hot surface ignitors used in ranges and newer dryers. Hope this helps….

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